Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

July 3, 1992

Cross burning is diversionary tactic

To the Editor:

The Christian Patriots League and other Christian Fundamentalist Leaders seem ready to drape themselves in patriotism and seize the issue of flag-burning.  It’s surprising that they haven’t raised a hue and cry about burning their own sacred symbol, the cross.  Seems like it’s alright with them to burn a cross in public.  But, there is a law on the St. Paul books about burning trash.  If cross-burners were arrested for littering and dumping on other peoples’ property, and burning trash without a permit, the charges would be Constitutional.

Robert Viktora, the “white separatist” and White Supremacist alleged to have burned a cross in St. Paul two years ago, is quoted in the Minneapolis Star Tribune as saying that White people should live apart from other races.  White people already have their own land, and their own Nations, in Europe.  This Continent belongs, and has always belonged, to the Aboriginal Indigenous People (not “Indians” invented by the European colonizers who gave their “Indians” stereotyped labels and a racist identity).  Talking about White separatist communities on somebody else’s land is the height of arrogance, or ignorance, especially when the European immigrants don’t have any roots here, nor own their own identity on this land.  The wanna-be White Aryans should scrutinize their own history and their genealogy, and find out why their ancestors were kicked out of the White nations they once had in Europe.  (Many of these Lily-Whites were forcibly deported from White Europe because they had “tainted blood” from the Moorish and Tartar occupations.)  Instead of adding further to the enormous social problems the European refugees have brought onto somebody else’s land, why not face the truth, and work to create a harmonious communities among all the diverse peoples who are now here?  The twisted dream of White Aryan Supremacy vanished with the greedy “Divine Mandate” of Manifest Destiny.

Cross-burning is a diversionary tactic.  What we need is political parity and economic security for all of the people; not just for the W.A.S.P.s, but for everybody.  If White historians are going to claim that the U.S. Constitution has roots in the Iroquois Confederacy, then they had better live up to the standards of that Aboriginal Indigenous concept.


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