Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

May 15, 1992

Ventura County, California:
The all-white Jury’s verdict was that Los Angeles Police Officers were “not guilty” of beating Rodney King—even when a videotape showed six officers clubbing and kicking Mr. King, and a dozen more police standing by, enjoying the violence.  The case had been moved from racially-mixed Los Angeles into an all-White neighborhood, and the jurors had no choice in their verdict.  In coming to the verdict, the Jury said that Rodney King deserved the beating because he “wouldn’t hold still,” even when he was handcuffed, he wouldn’t hold still.  He was still trying to get away.

The Ventura County Jury’s verdict was the catalyst for rioting in Los Angeles.  On the day after the riots began, page 9A of the Minneapolis Star Tribune shows a picture of a White man being beaten and kicked by three black men.  He’s not holding still, either.  He’s trying to get away; he’s trying to escape the beating.  Unless he’s into S & M, he’s not enjoying being kicked and hit.

The question is, the White man always states, “it’s the law.”  He neglects to state that it’s the racist White law that they’re enforcing; that they become judge, jury and executioner under White law, and then the man has to go to court again and face another set of judge, jury, and executioners under the law, interpreted meaning the “White law.”

In the aftermath of the rioting and the burning and the looting in Los Angeles, the destruction of the neighborhoods where people live, was a message sent.  So, what happens now, is a whole flock of carpet-baggers appear on the scene, the main one coming from the White House.  He wants to hire more policemen, buy more weapons for the police, bring in the National Guard ...  With his New World Order, he might as well put barbed wire around the ghetto.

The carpetbaggers, profiteers and other exploiters come in all shapes, forms and colors.  There is a whole hierarchy of them: the instant social workers, the clergy, the singers who come on with protest songs, the reform politicians and the sloganeers—they are all taking something from the community and not putting anything back.  That’s what a “carpetbagger” is.  We the Anishinabe Ojibway people should be very familiar with the varieties of carpetbagger—we’ve had carpetbaggers packed onto our land by the B.I.A. (a carpetbagging bureaucracy) for 150 years.  They have taken everything out and have never put anything back, except poverty.  They have tried to destroy the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ infrastructure.  The Europeans, who control the “Indian enrollments,” and who named and own “Indians,” have been putting carpetbaggers onto the Red Lake enrollments ever since they signed the fake Chip-away Treaties.  Now, the majority of “enrolled Red Lake Indians,” who are really Metis and are not Aboriginal Indigenous People, are the descendants of these carpetbaggers—as planned.  But, these people are not indigenous here.  Some of them do not have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors at all.  They are not Anishinabe Ojibway People with a Clan or a Dodem.

Columbus was the first European carpetbagger recorded by history to have come here.  These Europeans have been carpetbagging ever since.

The United States of America was founded by joint-stock business Companies (for example the Virginia Company) specifically for the purpose of exploiting Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources, and stealing.  The Europeans exported their values, both the pillars and the “dregs” of their society, and they brought their social problems with them.  That’s why they build all of their prisons.  European society is based on violence; the riots in Los Angeles are a product of their social problems.  No self-respecting people can create an economic system based on drug-dealing, bootlegging, (bingo) and gambling.  That’s no economic system at all.  There needs to be something different in those communities, and in this community.

After blaming the riots in Los Angeles on “the Sixties,” the next thing they’ll do is bring in the carpetbaggers, like they did in the Sixties, to rip off the community.  They will pass carpet-bagging legislation, they will enrich carpet-bagging politicians, and nothing will change for the people who live in the community.  There will be artists and singers and poets, all exploiting the situation, and the only thing that they put back into the community is more poverty.

It’s the same thing that they are doing on Red Lake with the forestry products.  They have been taking everything out of here for more than a hundred years, and have never put anything back.  They say, “we’re planting trees,” but no matter how many trees are planted, it doesn’t restore the ecosystem, nor replace what was taken out of here.  In the end, what they will say is, “we own these trees, we planted them,” after they have stolen the ancient giants of our land.  The are planting Potemkin Forests along the highways, and everything is clearcut behind the narrow band of trees.  More carpetbagging.

Next Issue:  
While doing the history and genealogy of Red Lake, we have found out that under Article 7 of the 1864 Amendment to the fake Treaty that the “Indians” and Metis signed, Halfbreeds (all of whom have a White father, and no Clan nor Dodem) got Scrip for 160 acres of land.  As we dig through the reams of documents that we’ve finally been able to get our hands on, we’ll report from time to time in this column.  Colonialism depends on carpetbaggers and rip-off artists!


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