Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

April 1, 1992

Iskigamizigegiizis, or in English the “sap boiling moon” has come to Anishinabe Ojibway land.  That’s when Grandmother Earth and Mother Nature begin re-awakening after the Winter.  The trees are budding and birds have begun to come back.  It’s another phase of our life, in which all things are connected, and harmonious.  Soon, the mosquitos and the flies and the woodticks, and the bumblebees and all of the other insects which belong here will wake up.  The deer will be having their little ones, and the bears with their cubs are already out, getting into mischief, investigating everything, looking at the world.  The cubs are playfully rassling with each other, acting like the little ones of every species.  It’s a good time of the year.

We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People have to get back to our roots, and our identity.  Our Traditional permacultural foods are an inherent part of this: our corn, our potatoes, our Mahnomen, our Ziinzibaakwad, and growing our gardens again.  But, then again, if you are not motivated, you can still be a “ration Indian” and get “commods,” and pay the price with your health and your life expectancy.  But, that’s your choice.

Indian housing news:

The rumor is that the housing authority at the hospital compound is ousting all of the Red Lake Indians, making them vacate the hospital housing to make room for some high-class Whites that are coming in.  Could it be that these are social engineers?  The evicted Indians will have to go out and rent housing off of the Res.  The closest place with much rental housing is in Bemidji.  What is this, integration, assimilation, and segregation all at once?  Put it any way you want to.

Red Lake Chippewa Indian sovereignty:

There was recently a court case involving two Metis people who were not enrolled members of the Red Lake Chippewa Indians.  The real issue is Indian Tribal Sovereignty, or Metis Sovereignty, whichever way you want to put it (no matter how you put it, it’s a delegated quasi-Sovereignty coming from the Europeans).  Two representatives from the Tribal Council are claiming that they had “Tribal Sovereignty,” and claimed jurisdiction over the Metis child and the mother.  The Tribal Judge honored the State of California’s Sovereignty, which was the diplomatic and legal thing to do, wasn’t it?  The Tribal Judge is operating under United States Federal Law, in a so-called Tribal Court run by contract from the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, and probably didn’t have much choice in interpreting the laws that were handed to him.  If the U.S. wants to give democracy to Indians, it seems like the judges should be elected like everywhere else, as should the Chief of Police.  But, what they are doing is muddying up the issue of Indian/Metis Sovereignty, and trying to confuse it with Anishinabe Ojibway Sovereignty.  The U.S. is trying to use the Metis to try to steal our Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty, which they have no right to do.

The con artists in high places must be up to something again.  In Sunday’s Bemidji Pioneer, there is an unsigned editorial saying that “both whites and Indians in this area are victims” of the Treaties.  With one side of his tongue, the writer of this editorial writes to support the Treaties, and with the other side of his tongue, he wants to abolish them.  The problem is that the United States negotiated the Treaties with themselves.  We’ve asked Senators and other officials for copies of the Treaties in Chippewa or Creole or any other Metis language, but the Treaties were only written in English.  The Treaties are not International Law, and if these Metis Indians take these Treaties to World Court under International Law, they would throw them out of court, because they aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.  So much for Metis Sovereignty.  Whatever they do with the Treaties, it does not affect the Anishinabe Ojibway People’s Sovereignty on our own land.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway (We, the Original People) have a right to exist on our own land.  The Indians do not have anything to do with our inherent Aboriginal and Natural rights to our own land.

The writers at the Pioneer are always hollering about “taxes,” with particular focus on Red Lake.  The Anishinabe Ojibway people did not ask them to bring their European money system in here, and we did not need the White man’s money until they used money from our stolen resources to violently force us into their money system.  With one hand, the Beltrami County Pillars are desperately trying to gerrymander their new County Commissioner districts to prevent a County Commissioner from Red Lake—although the Diminishing Reservation has a population of about half that of Bemidji itself.  With the other hand, they are crying for money, and more money.  Sunday, the complaints were about “Payment In Lieu of Taxes.”  More than a hundred million dollars per year of Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ money goes directly into the Bemidji area White-controlled economy, instead of staying here and building up our own community.  Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples stolen land and resources are the base for the rest of the Bemidji area economy.  And still they are greedily crying, “more money, more money.”  The White man red-lines us with his crooked money system, and sends out his racist projections through his Capitalism showing as crooked “socialism,” stealing our resources for his own use and then blaming impoverished welfare recipients for the consequences of his theft.

Addendum to Sovereignty:

An excerpt from the report of the Indian Claims Commission:

“Following the 1863 treaty session [which no Anishinabe Ojibway People signed], the Red Lake Indians [as well as the Anishinabe Ojibway People] continued to occupy the unceded lands adjoining the cession on the east, ... which Ramsey reported had been reserved by them at the time of the treaty.  The United States Supreme Court has held in the cases of Minnesota v. Hitchcock, 185 U.S. 373 and United States v. Holt State Bank, 270 U.S. 49, that the Red Lake Indians held the Indian right of occupancy or title to the lands retained on the east of the 1863 treaty cession, even though there was no formal cession from the United States [which never owned our Anishinabe Ojibway land], or a formal act setting the land apart as a reservation for them.  In the latter case the Court stated in its opinion that “the effect of what was done was to reserve in a general way for the continued occupation of the Indians of what remained of their [sic, this has always been Anishinabe Ojibway land] aboriginal territory, and thus it came to be known and recognized as a reservation.”

The Indian Claims Commission, as a part of their crooked process of trying to “close the books,” goes on to cite the 1889 “Agreement.”  The Anishinabe Ojibway people of Red Lake did not sign this agreement—on the original “signature rolls” the X-marks are forged.  That’s why the Indians and the United States don’t dare go into International Court, because they know it’s a con job.  England and the other heirs of Western European “Civilization” still need to come to terms with the genocide on this Continent.  Just as Hitler came out of the exact same tradition of Western Civilization, so the other Europeans and Euro-Americans must face what they have done.  They cannot hide.

News from the political front:

Governor Brown is making the Feudal Lords uncomfortable with what he is saying about taxes, housing, and the de-facto slavery which is a part of the Democratic Process.  He’s waking up the farmers who lost their farmland, the people who are losing the mortgages on their houses, the jobless.  I still say, nobody has addressed jobs as one of the endangered species in America, which need to be addressed along with the buffalo and other wildlife, which the lords and the vassals of Ye Olde Merrie England are after.  George Bush’s lip-synching, “read my lips, four more years of Reaganomics, S. & L. bailouts, give-always to the rich,” and more pork for his cronies in the Department of the Interior, subsidizing the destruction of the environment that’s left.  George Bush’s “new world order” is the same old European upper-class Feudal rip-off trying to rule the world, when they can’t even run their own lives.  They’re kiting checks for themselves, and don’t want to balance the National budget because the interest on the National Debt is another give-away for the privileged rich.  The American Dream has always been a night-mare named “Unbridled Greed.”  Someone needs to tell President Bush that the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources that have supported England and the United States for 200 years are gone.  It’s time to get your head out of the sand and face the real world.  There is no more.  You have already wasted and plundered what supported the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples in abundance for many millennia.


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