Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

March 18, 1992

“Aboriginal Indigenous” and “identity” are words which are not used in the same sentence by the Indo-European, or the Chippewa Indians.

When the missionaries came into our land, to Christianize and “Civilize” us, when they created Indian boarding schools, they had plans of social and genetic engineering.  The main part of their agenda was to take away our Anishinabe Ojibway identity, and give us a Chippewa Indian identity.  Chippewa Indians all have an Indo-European patriline, and they are under White control.

The idea was to create a new race of people, who did not have a Clan or a Dodem, a people who did not hold their own Sovereignty and could be enslaved.  These new people were tied to the Europeans through their identity, through their economic system, and through their religion.  The genetic engineering, creating a new “race” of people who depended on the Europeans, was the Europeans’ way of maintaining permanent control over the land and resources of this continent.  (Now, David Duke and Pat Buchannan are hollering about “racial purity.”  I don’t know why they’re complaining about the matrilineal descendants of people who were kidnapped from their homeland, and forcibly brought here by Europeans.)

Compulsory school education is the Catch-22, an integral part of their plan.  The Boarding Schools were run on a military plan, where they dumped the Metis, the Whites, the Indians, and particularly they wanted to catch the Aboriginal Indigenous children, such as the Anishinabe Ojibway.  The plan was to brainwash the children under their control in the boarding schools, and make them all into “Indians.”  In this part of the country, we were to be called Chippewa Indians, or Chip-aways, which also means to chip away at our resources and land base, and steal our Anishinabe Ojibway culture.  The projection of the stereotypes and labels onto Indians, was a part of the way that the Europeans got their dirty work done while keeping their hands clean.  The other part of was done through compartmentalized, linear, dichotomized thinking: alienating people from reality and confusing them with a web of lies and rationalizations, in order to justify and hide their greed and mask their violence.  This unscrupulous spin control goes on to this very day.  All of these dirty tricks, this con job, is done in the name of Christianity, to provide justification for the Indo-Europeans’ stealing Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples land and resources.

The entire structure of Indian society was created, and is controlled, by the Indo-Europeans.  Indian Chiefs are a stereotype, a caricature, and an Indo-European invention.

How do you maintain this structure?  In order to maintain this structure, the Indo-Europeans had to use labels and vicious stereotypes, lies.  He did a psychological number on these people to perpetuate his lie.  Since these Indians had White fathers, this was very easy to do.  They were Christianized, and their psyche was—and still is—accessible to the Whites.  Once the Indians’ Great White Father, the literal as well as metaphysical father of these Indians, had battered Indian children’s self-esteem into nothing in boarding school, he could do whatever he wanted with his Indians.  In the boarding schools, we were told that we were “Savages,” and we had all of the racist Indian stereotype labels put on us.  No matter what their ancestry, this was done to all of the children who were being turned into Indians.  The White man controls who can be Indian and who can’t.  The real irony is that the White Americans are telling Indians who to be, but, on this Aboriginal Indigenous land, the Real Americans don’t know who they are themselves.  They draw their culture, their English language, and their values from Europe.  On this continent, the Americans are on very shaky ground.  They have no roots, no solid foundation, and in Anishinabe Ojibway terms, they are morally bankrupt.  The Great White Father has an enormous identity problem, himself.

Anybody can be an Indian, because the White man invented and controls the Indian identity.  Anthropologists believe in the blue-eyed, blonde Indian.  The W.A.S.P.s keep creating more Indians, in order to avoid coming to terms with the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People here.  America’s Indians, the shadow I.R.A. so-called Indian Tribal Governments created by the United States, cannot confront the genocide.  Indians were created by the Europeans, and without Indians as cohorts and brokers, the Europeans could have never carried out their genocidal agenda.  This is why the I.R.A. so-called Indian Tribal Governments never mention genocide.  The genocide on this continent should have been addressed at the same time as the Nuremberg Trials.  In addition to the genocide, there is still ethnocide.  The United States has volumes of hate legislation on the U.S. Statute Books, passed to apply to the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples, but written referring to Indians and intended to use Indians as smokescreen to get at the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples.  These United States Statutes, and the polices and regulations derived from them, are genocide laws, in violation of human rights and international law.  We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, have a right to exist on our own land!

Chairman Brun is a White man, and former Chairman Jourdain is a descendant of voyageurs.  But, the people working under the mandate of the White elite, turned them into their Chip-away Indians.  When Butch Brun visited me, he called me “lazy,” which is a stereotype applied by Whites to Indians, and applied by Indians to themselves.  Chairman Brun called me “lazy,” but he is stuck in a fake identity which turns people into parasites, carpetbaggers, sponges, and leeches, exploiting the Aboriginal Indigenous People, claiming “blood brotherhood” when he is not indigenous to this land.  That’s why this Red Lake community is in such chaos: there are certain Real Indians (if the shoe fits, wear it) who are acting out the worst of the White man’s projections: jealousies, back-stabbing, back-biting, selfish greed.  The Real Indians can’t get together, because they do not own themselves, and did not create their own identity.  They have no solidarity because they are only a projection.  There were no Indians here; there is no word for “Indian” in the Anishinabe Ojibway language.  It is a human rights violation, both by Indians and by Whites, calling this “Indian land.”  These stereotypes, those labels, and those lies are all wishful thinking and projections by the Indo-European culture, onto the Indians created by the Europeans.  The Indo-Europeans are stuck in dichotomies, and they have to have somebody else “act out” the things that they cannot accept in themselves, they have to send scapegoats into what they perceive as Wilderness, across the frontier that never existed except in their own minds.

Did you ever see a real Indian?  When you meet a Real Indian, you will notice that he is wearing lots of beadwork or turquoise, and probably a headband or braids.  A Real Indian is caught between stereotypes: trying to be super-spiritual, a Real Indian Medicine Man, and being a stereotypical Drunken Indian.  A Real Indian can probably speak Colloquial English perfectly well, but if he’s really a Real Indian, he’ll use a clipped artificial tone of voice, Broken English with a lot of Creole phrases in it—Hollywood style.  Real Indians divide their time between going to Indian Conferences, telling people how tough it is to be an Indian, and going to Pow-Wow’s (a Real Indian commercial event, which is not the same thing as the Anishinabe Ojibway social and religious gathering).  A real Indian has a hard time getting anything done, because living out the Indian stereotypes is more than a full-time job.  Indians are also handicapped by acting out the “lazy,” “irresponsible” Indian stereotype, operating on Real Indian Time.  The stereotype of Indian also includes being incompetent and corrupt, and a lot of Real Indians are acting out that part of the stereotype, also.  It’s a good thing the U.S. Government pays people to be Real Indians, but the problem is that both the F.B.I.A. bureaucrats and the Real Indians are being paid using stolen Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ resources and land.  The Real Indians who are the biggest drain on the Aboriginal Indigenous community are the Instant Indians, the people who suddenly realized that they are Real Indians because their great-great-grandmother was a Chip-away Queen.  Even people who should have more sense, get greedy and stay Real Indians because of the U.S. Government’s carrot on a stick: “Payment’s coming soon, you will be rich.”

Real Indians think like Indo-Europeans—because they are Indo-Europeans.  Most White people find it easier to talk to Real Indians than Aboriginal Indigenous People, because they are blood brothers coming out of the same thought-patterns and values, of Western Civilization.  So, when an advocate, for example for Human Rights, is appointed, the person is usually a Real Indian, a person without any Aboriginal Indigenous blood trying to say that they’re Anishinabe Ojibway.  Stealing our identity, as has been done by Governor Carlson’s Real Indian Human Rights appointee, is a human rights violation in and of itself.  He can’t do anything effective, because he’s living a lie, trying to be a fake identity, just like the rest of the Real Indians.

The Real Indians on the Indian Reorganization Act Tribal Councils, and the Real Indians working for the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs, are caught in the same dilemma.  They can’t be honest with themselves, nor anybody else, they’re stuck in something that they’re not, because they have to be Real Indians to keep their jobs.  The only thing that they learned how to do, in Indian School, is be a Real Indian, and live out the stereotypes, myths and labels that the White man projects onto Real Indians.  Except for Real Indians (and politicians and lobbyists), going to Washington and telling lies is not a marketable job skill.  The White man has to have Real Indians, in order to avoid looking at himself, in order to hide from his own dishonesty.  (If you don’t believe me—why are you on this land?  What do you mean, you’re a Real American?)

Joseph Smith, the founder of the Latter Day Saints, wrote in the Mormon Bible that Indians are descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel.  Many of these Indians are dark because they have Moorish ancestors.  Joseph Smith, who broke away from the Protestants, was a visionary who had access to the W.A.S.P.’s plans of entrenching themselves on this Continent through social and genetic engineering.  He claimed that the Indians were descendants of Joseph of the Lost Tribe.  He was right.  He knew an Arab when he saw one.

All you have to do is understand Crooked English, Crooked Thinking, and Greed, and the social and genetic engineering of the English W.A.S.P.’s long-range plan will become crystal clear.


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