Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

March 4, 1992

There is still a lot of unsettled controversy about “Indian Nicknames.”  The problem is the White man’s crooked scheme of re-naming everybody here, in order to steal the land and the resources.  Here at Red Lake, the Anishinabe Ojibway People own the land, and we have never “sold” our homeland.  The Midewiwin forbids us to sell our Grandmother Earth.  It was the White and Meti Chippewa Indians who signed the Treaties which the White man used to try to claim our land.  The Europeans pretended that their “Treaties” were legitimate, by giving the Chip-away Indians shadow governments.  The Indians had to sign, because they were a “conquered people,” P.O.W.’s from the French-and-Indian wars.  The Europeans gave the “Indians” their identity.  Indian patrilineal roots go right back to Europe, so the Europeans held Indian Sovereignty.  Indians had no choice about signing the fraudulent Treaties.

The very identity: “Indian,” “Redskin,” “Squaw,” “Brave,” “Noble Savage,” “Native American,” “Papoose,” “Buck,” “Cruel Scalper,” “Warrior,” “Vanishing American,” “Indian Giver,” “Lost Tribes,” “Indian Chief,” “Chip-away Queen,” “Cherokee Princess,” “Savage,” “Primitive,” “Indian Medicine Man,” “Devil Worshippers,” “Pagan Unbelievers,” “Dirty Indian,” “Lazy Indian,” “Drunken Indian,” “Christian Indian,” “Federally Recognized Indian,” “Me Tonto,” “Indian Tribal Chairman,” “Cigar Store Indian,” ... (I could write a whole column on these),  and some that aren’t printable, are all projections, scapegoating, and greedy wishful thinking by the Europeans, to justify stealing this land.  The Europeans invented Indians. [The movie, Nobody Loves a Drunken Indian, had all white actors, like most of the rest of the “Indian” movies.]  The Europeans tried to call the Aboriginal Indigenous People here “Indians,” in order to take control of us.  The Anishinabe Ojibway, “We, The People,” know who we are.  We own our own Sovereign identity.  Europeans invented “Indians” and “Chip-aways”—there were no Indians here, and there were no Chip-aways here.  If a person accepts the Chip-away identity, or any other “Indian” identity, at the same time they accept all of the racist stereotypes that are a part of these European identities.  The Indo-Europeans need racism.  Racism is a necessary part of their hierarchial system and their values, and racism is an inherent part of the identities that they put on other people.  The White man’s “Indian” identity cannot be separated from the racism that is a part of it.

There have been demonstrations, letter-writing, and protests about the stereotypes that the White-run schools and gladiator-teams are using to “build American Character.”  “Indian” is an English word.  English is the White man’s language, all of the stereotypes of “Indian” belong to the White man, and he can use them any way he wants to.  Most of the Indo-Europeans aren’t ashamed of what they have done with their idea, “Indians,” because apparently they don’t have any conscience or ethics.

“Indian Tribes” are also an European invention.  The “tribes” can’t get any solidarity, because the “Indians” don’t own their own identity.  “Indian Reservations” are also an European invention (they started out as concentration camps).  “Closed Indian Reservation,” like Red Lake, means the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs has packed outsiders, White, Meti and Indian, onto the “Indian enrollments” that they invented and control.  “Closed Reservation” also means the F.B.I.A. bringing an outside foreign government into the Anishinabe Ojibway land, and using that foreign government to give almost all of the jobs to foreigners, and to destroy our Anishinabe Ojibway community.

If the Washington Redskins were re-named the Washington Niggers, you can bet that the African-American people would be in court the same day, and the N.A.A.C.P. would be right on the spot filing enormous lawsuits for defamation of character, libel, punitive damages, and a lot of other things.  The word, “Indian” is just as racist as the “N---” word.  But, you don’t see the National Congress of American Indians defending the Indian identity from defamation, in court.  They can’t do it.  The N.C.A.I., N.A.R.F., and the Tribal Councils aren’t doing anything, because they get paid to be “Indians.”  They are Indo-European people posing as “Indians,” working in collusion with the other Europeans to hide the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People, and the land and resource theft that the United States is based on.  Indians have to thank the White man for their identity.  If you paid most of these “Indians” enough, you could give them just about any identity.  You could call them the “Redskin Tribal Councils,” and if they got to go to hotels on expense accounts, most of these guys would probably be glad to wear turkey feathers and walk around waving plastic Indian identity cards and tomahawks, saying “Ugh, I’m a Redskin Savage,” ask the Federal Bureau of Redskin Affairs to tell them who they are again, and then watch some more Hollywood movies to reinforce their identity.

I’m telling you “Indians” and you “Redskins” out there, if you don’t like what the sports teams are doing, if you don’t like racist stereotype logos, why don’t you file a class-action lawsuit?  If “Indians” owned their own identity, there would be hordes of Philadelphia lawyers lining up all over so-called “Indian Country,” to sue for all the human rights violations, as well as racist slander and hate crimes.  But, you can’t even get the crooked “Treaties” that your ancestors signed into World Court, because “Indians” are mythological people.  (The U.S. tried to “close the books” by suing themselves with the Indian Claims Commission—England and United States have been schizophrenically negotiating with themself over “Indian Fraud” for a hundred and fifty years.  The lawsuits from the White Earth Land Settlement Act are a recent example of Indo-Europeans suing themselves and keeping the money.  If an “Indian” tries to go to court about racist stereotypes, the White man would be suing himself again, because of the crooked “Trust Status.”)  The United States Government admits that without White Indians, they would have never gotten the fraudulent title they claim to this land.  They’ve even passed unilateral legislation, trying to put Aboriginal Indigenous People in the same category as “their” Indians—another crooked scheme to “close the books.”

We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, don’t need somebody to give us a fake identity.  The White man can do whatever he wants to, giving whatever stereotype he wants, to the myth of “Indian” that he invented.  All that he’s doing is showing the ugly side of his racism, by the stereotypes that he invents.  “Indians” are a purely political hockey-puck, and the United States Justice Department won’t have anything to do with it.  “Indians” can’t get a lawyer to take a defamation case to court, because the trial would destroy the White man’s myth—and the Indians would be without the identity that they’ve held onto for so long.  If “Indian” was a real identity, the Indians would have a very good case, because some of the things that the White man is doing and saying are ugly.  He doesn’t want to look at himself, that’s why he created Indians.  Without Indians, the White Euro-American Cosmology would fall apart.

We, the People of the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation, have a right to exist as a jointly Sovereign People on our own land.  Nobody has a right to come into our land and give us an “Indian” identity, nor any other crooked identity.

Campains of the Western European Civlization:

In the Law-and-Order Bush and Buchanan camps, you can hear the faint strains of Wagner.  Beyond the barbed wire around the camp of Corporal Duke’s campaign headquarters, you can hear the goose-stepping of hobnailed jackboots in the not-so-distant background.  One of the planks in David Duke’s campaign platform is “blame the welfare mothers.”  The other one is “racial purity.”  David Duke is not white, and he’s not “right,” so he’s trying to be “super-White.”  These tainted people running from their own past are the worst kind of racist.  There was another little Corporal, the Austrian “Overman,” a.k.a. Superman, who was also sprouting racial rhetoric.  He was not a full-blooded Aryan himself.

The right-wingers: Bush, Buchanan, and the Duke have been neglecting the jobless, the homeless, and the impoverished people here, and handing out subsidies to their wealthy friends.  As a diversionary tactic, they’re scapegoating the National Arts Council, bashing dead artists, looking for a new Willie Horton to take the blame for the problems they’ve created.

On the other side of the same coin, the Democratic Platform also has some rickety planks.  The Honorable Governor Clinton was accused by Ms. Flowers of having her as his mistress for twelve years.  The Honorable Governor responded, “Let He who is without Sin, cast the first rock.”  However, Governor Jerry Brown picked up a boulder, and immediately the rest the left-wingers got into the foray, and started slinging mud.

When you put these left-wingers and these right-wingers together, what you get is a big bird, a bird of prey also known as a Culture Vulture.  Is it a coincidence that every Law-and-Order Presidential Campaign is accompanied by jail-building?  Four years ago, Bemidji was the Crime Capitol in order to get a new jail.  Now, Minneapolis is melting down guns, bamboozling the public, and going to court over a new jail.  The migratory immigrant people of Western European Civilization brought their social problems and distorted values with them.  One of the first crooked schemes that they did when they got here, was building saloons and jails, and going to war.  Ho-hum.  Some things never change.


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