Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

February 5, 1992

According to the newspapers, the United States Forest Service retaliates against whistle-blowers.  The U.S. Forest Service is serving the timber industry as government agents of environmental destruction, and here on Anishinabe Ojibway Land they are agents of environmental racism.  Every day, we see truckload after truckload of timber going off of Red Lake Reservation.  Each semi-truck holds fifteen cords of wood.  If you count the trucks going by, there are at least fifty loads a day going out of here.

This rampant environmental pillaging has been going on ever since Roger Jourdain and his crooked cronies co-operated with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in getting the Indian Reorganization Act in here.  Millions of cords and board feet of lumber have been stolen from the Anishinabe Ojibway People since the thieving 1958 I.R.A. “Tribal” Constitution was put in here.  I called Bud Anderson, who is head of the U.S. Government “Forestry” Agency here on the Red Lake Reservation, to talk to him about what has been happening to the forests here in Red Lake.  I left a message, but he never returned my call.  I wanted to ask him how much timber: White Pine, Norway Pine, Oak, Birch, Basswood, Maple, Jackpine, Cedar, Spruce, and Popple has been cut off of our Anishinabe Ojibway land since 1958.

I remember when the cedar swamps were so thick with trees that inside the swamps it was dark during the day.  Now, the cedar trees are all gone, and everything else that lived in the swamp is gone with them.  The deer are really suffering, because they used to go into the cedar swamps for the Winter.  In order to address the problem of the vanishing wildlife, the D.N.R. has brought State of Minnesota game wardens into the Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway Nation.  Bringing the I.R.A. and the State of Minnesota Laws onto Red Lake are both violations of our Sovereign Aboriginal Rights, as well as the Human and Natural Rights of the Anishinabe Ojibway People who own this land.  Why have game wardens when the game is gone, because the habitat of the game has been destroyed?  With their homes cut down and burned, where are the wildlife going to live?

There are a few greedy “Indians” who are with the “in” group, flunkies of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, who profit from stealing the timber which belongs to all of the Anishinabe Ojibway People, and their descendants.  Everybody else suffers from the irresponsible actions of these timber thieves.

Nutrition News:
Now that the wildlife is gone, and most of the rest of the permacultural base has been destroyed, more people in Red Lake have to eat commodities.  According to a recent press release, written in Crooked English, from the Department of Agriculture about commodity meat, “the labels will include more information on preparing the food and removing excess fat.  The meat was investigated by the General Accounting Office because of allegations that it was substandard and high in salt and fat, but was found to be healthful.”  How can it be bad for you, and still be “healthful?”  Maybe they meant “harmful.”  I know a lot of people whose dogs have died from eating commodity beef.

News from the campaign front:
I watched George Bush’s “State of the Union” address the other night.  He reminded me of a barker at a circus sideshow, or maybe an auctioneer pandering to the highest bidder.  He offered a promise of “something for everybody,” but he played on the common peoples’ weaknesses, their greed, their fears—and their lack of identity.  What George Bush promised the American People was a “Capital Gains” tax cut, which moved some people, and then he talked about middle-class people being able to take money out of their individual retirement funds.  But, he didn’t talk about the homeless people.  There is a price for everything in the European value system.  Who gets the tax write-off for homeless people, and how much profit goes into Corporate pockets because people are kept “in their place” by the implied threat of joining the growing numbers of homeless and hungry people?

Right after George Bush’s last campaign, the Savings and Loans went into bankruptcy, and the American People inherited billions of dollars of bad debts that the taxpayers still have to pay for.  (Why don’t the people who plundered the Savings and Loans, or the ones who are making money from the bailout, subsidize it?)  In the present campaign, what big institutions are going to pile up debt for the taxpayer again?  Hang onto your hats!  Somebody is making a lot of money, and the way it looks from the Reservation, the Feudalism embedded very deeply in the European subconscience and in their language, is coming back to the surface.  Even middle-class “landowners” pay rent. It’s called “tax” and “mortgage payments,” but it still comes out rent to the Feudal Lord.
George Bush also did not talk about the details of the National Debt.  All of the tax money that is going to pay interest on the National Debt, is going into somebody’s pocket.  Who gets all of this interest money, and do they have to pay taxes on it?  Who has a vested interest in keeping the National Debt high?  If the United States defaults on the debt, who collects what collateral?

In the 1930’s, there was runaway inflation, fueled by immense national debt, in a certain European country.  There was a little corporal going around making speeches, playing on peoples’ fears, greed, and national pride, and he got elected democratically.
George Bush was promoting New World Order, when his three Wise Guys from the East went with him to Japan.  The Ugly Americans cried when the Japanese beat them at their own game.  Why would a Japanese person buy a car with the steering wheel on the wrong side, and the instruction manual written in a foreign language (Crooked English)?  Did the Tycoons of Detroit expect the Japanese to commit Hari-Kari by driving on the wrong side of the road?  Don’t blame the Japanese, who have learned to play by your rules.  Most Americans have no roots, no identity, very little common sense, and a lot of arrogance.  They use slogans, bad jokes, and racism to make up for American insecurity, and lack of identity and self-esteem.  Before they start complaining about the Japanese “buying up” America, they should look at whose land this really is.  The Japanese are on their own land in Japan, and on this, our Aboriginal Indigenous land, the genocide of millions of people will come back to haunt the Europeans.


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