Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

January 18, 1992


“Indians do not hold legal title to land held on their behalf by the United States,” according to a court decision made by a United States Court when the Coast Indian Community sued the United States in 1977.  In a court decision a year later, it was determined by the United States that the “Secretary of Interior was within rights and not arbitrary or capricious in taking trust land within historic bounds of Puyallup [Indian] reservation.”

The crooked trick up the Government’s sleeve is “Indians.”  There were no Indians here in 1492.  Indians did not come over the Bering Strait, they came across the Atlantic Ocean with Columbus and the stealing Indo-Europeans who followed in Columbus’ wake.  “Indian Tribes” are defined by the United States Government in Section 479 of Title 25, United States Code; the United States has about sixty mutually exclusive definitions of “Indian,” which they pick and choose between according to what they want to steal next.  “Indians,” “Indian Tribes,” “American Indian,” and “Native Americans” are all fake identities and fraudulent definitions created by an elite Tribe of Europeans, who are snake-oil salesmen and con artists and go around stealing from other people all over the world.

It’s 1992.  The White Indians and Wanna-Be’s who are demonstrating at the Superbowl for the Washington Redskins, are already “Indian Mascots,” trying to drum up business, P.R. and monetary support and in their protest of “ethnic slurs” against an identity that was intentionally created by Europeans as a racist stereotype.  Why don’t they just go right on the playing field as a part of the halftime show.  Instead of demonstrating against “Redskins” and “tomahawk chops,” why aren’t these Wanna-Be’s demonstrating to get rid of this inherently racist stereotype and label that the Europeans invented, “Indian?”  Or, are the “Professional Indians” afraid that if the fraudulent identity, fake Mascot “Indian” is exposed for what it really is, that they’ll be out of an easy living and have to go to work, and that they’ll have to deal with their real identity, as Meti People.

The legal analysis of Title 25 refers to “ambiguous statutes passed for the benefit of Indian tribes.”  No matter which way a person reads this lying, crooked English, whether it’s “Indian” or “tribes,” it’s all White.  It’s all written by a tribe of Europeans and benefits a narrowly defined patrilineal band of marauding, warmongering so-called “elite” Europeans, who have used “their Indians” for centuries to keep their own lily-White hands untainted.

I was talking with another Anishinabe Ojibway person the other day.  Our conversation got around to timber, the mill, and the grading of lumber.  Our discussion got around to mentioning R.L. Giles, who used to haul truckload after truckload of finished lumber off of the Reservation, in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  I mentioned that when the Indians ran the Red Lake Mill (under the Supervision of the U.S. Government) in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, I bought some two-by-fours and two-by-sixes.  When I went up to the mill to get the lumber, I paid for Grade A lumber.  When I picked it up, it was #4 lumber, warped and full of knots.  I told the person working at the mill-yard, “you mean, I have to buy my own timber, back again, and not only that, but I have to pay more than a White person would pay.”  I got cheated by White Indians and Wanna-Be’s who claim they’re my own people.

The lumber that was being hauled off of the Reservation, when it left the Mill, it was #4 lumber.  That’s what the White people paid for.  But then, when that same truckload of lumber crossed the Reservation Line, presto! it was Grade A clear lumber, without a blemish in it.  Truckload after truckload, billions of board feet, were stolen from the Anishinabe Ojibway People by the White men and their White Indians.

The Anishinabe Ojibway People were told that the reason the Red Lake Mill was started, was to provide lumber for every family to build a house, and barns, and everything that was needed.  But, we never got any lumber.  The only people who got lumber were the White Indians.  The Potemkin Village of “Red Lake Housing” is built from lumber imported from Montana.

The discussion got around to the Federal employees of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Hospital, also in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  Just about every kid around here could tell at a glance the year and model of every car that had been made up until that time.  When the White Government employees started working here, they drove an broken-down older-model car (something like the one the Beverly Hillbillies had), which barely made it onto the Reservation.  As kids, we noticed these cars, and we would say to one another, “how long will it be, before that person drives a new car?”  In about four to six months after they started working in Red Lake, every one of these White Bureau Government employees had a new car.  Even at the prices then, they couldn’t have paid for these new cars on their Government salaries.

The crooked “Economic Development” that the White Indians and the Bureau of Indian Affairs have brought onto the Red Lake Reservation is a scam and a rip-off.  Kee-wah-say was flooded so that the big-shot cronies of Floyd Jorgenson would have a private duck-hunting preserve.  This con job was presented to the Red Lake people as “you’re going to have jobs as guiding for the Fugarwi Indians.”  It looks like Kee-wah-say might close down—there aren’t any wars right now.  There’s just Perestroika now, and I don’t know if that can create a war or not.  I’ve been watching the news on T.V., and every night, certain policy-makers are looking for some excuse to start a war.  How can they make money when there’s no war?  Like little kids, they’re playing “bomb, bomb, who’s got the bomb?”  The European elite needs war, it’s part of their way of maintaining their European power.  On the Reservations, the latest in “economic development” is that ancient European shell game, Bingo and Casino Gambling.  They’ve created a few jobs for a few White Indians at the minimum wage, and some big-time profits for the White Consultants.

Peter Graves, Roger Jourdain, and Butch Brun, these White-appointed “Tribal Chairman” working for the United States Government’s invented “Indian Tribal Council,” are all White people, and you don’t belong here.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs decides who is going to win the election before the ballots are printed.  (The I.R.A. “Tribal Council” doesn’t have any power, anyway—it’s only a rubber stamp and a scapegoat for the corporate interests lobbying the Department of the Interior.)  French Metis are not Anishinabe Ojibway People.  Look in your family tree: almost all of you Metis in political power do not even have any Anishinabe Ojibway blood in you (unless you got it at the blood bank).  No Anishinabe Ojibway leader would ever consent to letting the United States military do medical experiments on their own people, or take money to study using the headwaters of the Red Lake watershed as a dumping ground for nuclear waste.  On a map of Minnesota I bought this year, the Northwest Angle is “State Forest” and is not “Red Lake Reservation” any more.

Anishinabe Ojibway means “We, the People.”  Chippewa Indian is a term invented by the White people.  Interpreted, what it really means is, “I’m going to steal everything I can for myself.”


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