Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)


The first order of business under the illegal colonial 1934 Indian Reorganization Act “government” on the Red Lake Reservation was Ordinance No. 1 in 1959: “ENROLLMENT.”  Section number 2 of this First Ordinance reads:

 “ENROLLMENT AND LOSS OF MEMBERSHIP IN THE BAND SUBSEQUENT TO NOVEMBER 10, 1958.  In accordance with Article 3, Section 1(b) of the Constitution and Bylaws, the following rules and regulations shall constitute the requirements for enrollment in the band subsequent to November 10, 1958 and such rules shall govern the loss of membership in the Band:...

“(C)  Upon the death of any enrolled member of the Band, his name shall be removed from the roll and any of his Band rights or interests shall terminate upon the date of death. ... “  [This means that Indians do not own any land, and that Indians cannot inherit rights in land under “Indian law,” which is really English law derived from the conquering Roman Empire—the U.S. laws that the “Treaties” were written under recognized the “absolute title of the crown,” which was the King of England.]

“(G)  Any child born to a Red Lake member mother out of wedlock shall not be enrolled, unless the mother becomes married to the father of the child and the father is an enrolled member of the Band, or if the mother becomes married to a member of the Band, not the father, the child may be enrolled if the husband legally adopts the child, provided all other qualifications for enrollment are met.

“(H)  Any child born to a Red Lake member mother who becomes or is married to a non-Indian or non-member of the Red Lake Band shall not be enrolled as a member of the Band.”

Section 1 of this Ordinance Number One of the I.R.A. colonial puppet government refers to the “per capita roll of August 28, 1958.”  This “per capita roll” was a Payment Roll: the money came from the sale of timber, from Anishinabe Ojibway resources, under the provisions of Senate Bill 2922, 35th Congress.  This bill—and amendments—was designed to do several crooked and unethical things.  One of the things which this bill accomplished was “packing” the voter registration rolls, which are based on “Tribal Enrollments” derived from Payment Rolls.  For a quarter of a century, the U.S. Government had been trying to put an I.R.A. colonial government into Red Lake—over the strenuous objections of the Anishinabe Ojibway People who hold Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty here.

The “Tribal Council” organized under the Constitution of 1918 and headed by Peter Graves was also a colonial government, and was not the legitimate, Anishinabe Ojibway government of Red Lake—which is still here and which is still Sovereign.  After Peter Graves’ death, the U.S. withdrew “domestic dependent” recognition from the “Tribal Council” organized under the 1918 Constitution—and using classic Machiavellian divide-and-conquer tactics, created and then precipitated factions, planted vicious rumors, and polarized the community in a way that still exists today.

In the absence of any “duly, Federally Recognized” [which is Crooked English] Colonial Government to hide behind, the United States Government gave us a peek at their stacked deck.  The Senate Committee Hearings for S. 2922 read, “The Department has determined that there is no governing body of the Red Lake Band at the present time, and it is probable that one may not be functioning before the end of the fiscal year.  Under these circumstances, the enactment of authorizing legislation that is not dependent upon action by a governing body of the band is advisable.  ... The Secretary by law ... may employ personnel only with the consent of the tribal council. ... [There were at least two “Tribal Councils,” each with their own Government Chiefs and ten little Indians, and then there were none.]  This requirement of tribal council consent ... was not requested by the tribe [the “tribe” and the “tribal council” are two different things—more Crooked English], it is inconsistent with the Federal trust responsibility.  The “Federal trust responsibility” is the third, usually hidden level of the externally imposed colonial government.

The United States used the amendments of S. 2922 to write themselves a blank check.  Under the thieving provisions that the U.S. wrote for themselves in 1958, the U.S. claims that they have the “right” to hire whoever they want to “administer under Trust responsibility” the Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ resources.  They have written into their own laws the “right” to steal whatever they want to without either the direct permission of the real Anishinabe Ojibway owners, or even the irrelevant “permission” of the Meti Indians and White Wanna-Be Indians who are the usual brokers and middle-men.  It hasn’t cost the U.S. Government a dime, in fact they’ve made billions by stealing.  The amendments to Senate Bill 2922 eliminated even the token per-capita payments for Red Lake timber.


1934 I.R.A. “Tribal Council” elections are coming up again.  During the last two 1934 I.R.A. election campaigns, there were expensive ads in the Bemidji Pioneer about “terrorists” and “fish peddlers,” and people who were potential Communist sympathizers.  This is getting to be tiresome—we need new scapegoats and new campaign slogans.  Instead of “Turn In Fish Peddlers!” how about “Turn In Ecological Terrorists!”  “Turn in Wood Peddlers!”  “Turn in Stumpage Thieves!”  “Turn in Land Thieves!”  “Turn in Hunting and Fishing Rights Thieves!”  “Turn in Radioactive Waste Peddlers!”  “Turn in Aboriginal Identity Thieves!” and “Turn in Sovereignty Thieves!”

The Anishinabe Ojibway People need to file lawsuits in International Court about human rights violations and ecological racism, against the United States Government, as well as against the Wanna-be Chip-away Indians who are tools of the U.S. in chipping away at the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ hunting and fishing rights, land, resources, and Sovereignty, religion and identity, and our right to exist.


Basic English is an acronym for British, American, scientific and commercial.  It was developed as an international language, by C.K. Ogden and I.A. Richards.  It has a vocabulary of 850 words: 600 nouns, 150 adjectives, 16 verbs, 20 prepositions, and miscellaneous words.  Reservation English consists of 400 words, and this is including Anglo-Saxon words such as “sheeit,” “sonnuvabich,” and “F...”, etc., etc.  A lot of people on the Reservations and in the ghettos are really angry—this is partly because they do not have any language to communicate with, except the kind of Body English that can send you to General Hospital.  Compulsory School Education is a big rip-off.  If people learn how to read and speak the Crooked English Language, only then can they see the covert curriculum crystal-clear.


It’s now 1992.  The Europeans have had five hundred years of racist stereotyping and name-calling on our continents.  U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt said he wanted to “pulverize the Tribal Masses” in order to get rid of the “Indian problem.”  Other racist projections include the label “Indian Giver.”  The Aboriginal Indigenous People propose to celebrate the quinticentennial and end the legacy by giving the Europeans back their racist artificial label, “Indian.”  Let the sports enthusiasts have their projected stereotypes of a non-existent mythological “Indian”: making money is $acred for Europeans.  Those who are paid to lead demonstrations against “Tomahawk Chops” and “Redskins,” while claiming to be “Indians,” are part of the same crooked scheme.  The Wanna-be protests are a replay of the Boston Tea Party, and are choreographed right out of Hollywood.  Drugstore Cowboys and Hollywood Indians ride again!  When these “Indians” come to terms with their real identity (and they are not Aboriginal Indigenous people), only then can we solve the real and serious problems that were created for us—as Human Beings.


In our historical research, we’ve found out that during World War II, the Bureau of Indian Affairs was into relocation and P.O.W. imprisonment of yet another group of people: the “evacuated Japanese” citizens of the U.S.  This is the Mother of All Facts, not Dancing with the Facts.


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