Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

December 18, 1991

The December 6 Bemidji Pioneer reports that the Beltrami County Commissioners are making plans to hire a half-time Welfare Fraud Investigator on the Red Lake Reservation.  This is another diversionary tactic.  It is like throwing a bone to a pack of starving dogs, making everybody fight over this half-time job that is bound to generate hostility with the neighbors.  It’s “divide and rule,” another tired, old worn-out European trick.  The Whites are always telling “Indians” and Aboriginal Indigenous People—as well as everybody else, “Assimilate, and Be Like Us.”  If welfare is all you’ve got to offer us, you haven’t got anything worth assimilating to.

The White Policy-Makers are orchestrating BINGO and “Indian Gaming” as economic development.  What they are doing, is having “their Indians” (who are also White) going around parroting the slogan, “Gambling is the New Buffalo.”  The “Indian Gaming” set up and ultimately controlled by the Whites has absolutely no comparison to the Buffalo that they slaughtered by the millions.  The Buffalo that the Whites exterminated (as a part of a scorched-earth policy of occupation) housed, clothed and fed everybody with healthy, nutritious food.  There was no diabetes.  The short-term economic development called “Bingo” is already generating problems and conflict with the Welfare System.  As these so-called Indian Leaders say “Bingo is the New Buffalo,” so then why do we need welfare?  Why isn’t everybody being housed, fed, and clothed from the proceeds of the “New Buffalo” Bingo Halls and the Casinos?

In the Aboriginal Indigenous Tradition, it is the duty of the leaders to make sure that all the People had eaten first, and the Traditional leaders ate last.  From this new “Buffalo” called Bingo, the Indian “leaders” are up there gorging themselves first, and the People are going hungry and without the necessities of life.  This is the way that it’s designed and planned.  To you “New Indian Leaders,” take your “New Buffalo” and stick it where the sun never shines.  All you’ve brought in is trouble: your “New Buffalo” is a White Elephant in disguise.  This kind of “economic development” that is being given to Indians benefits only the handful of people in the “in-group”—as planned.

The Chippewa Indians have been given a grant by the National Park Service to learn the Ojibway Language.  What the Park Service called it was “Ojibway First.”  When we went to school, the Department of the Interior paid the Catholic Church to take away our native Aboriginal Indigenous languages at Boarding School.  After two generations of We, the Anishinabe Ojibway People, having our language beaten out of us, now these same crooks are back again, promoting a revival of what they call the “Ojibway Language,” but which under their programs has been mutated, and is really a pidgin French Creole language, “Chip-away.”  The thought-patterns and world-view of this Chip-away language are Indo-European ways of thinking and looking at the world.  The plan is to Chip-away at our Aboriginal Indigenous culture until we are gone as a People, and then the Europeans and ”their Indians” can steal the rest of our land.  The values embedded in this Chip-away Language come out to the European way of thinking and acting: a world-view which generates greed, racism and genocide.

Since I’ve gone out into the White world and learned the foreign Crooked-English language, I’ve often wondered about their contorted and convoluted, narrow linear thinking, and about their twisted, one-dimensional logic.  I’ve also wondered how the racism built into their language worked.  I’ve wondered about what the White strategy was, in creating Spanish, French, and Portuguese Metis, and in bringing Black Africans over on their boats.  It all fits together, as part of the same pattern: all of the Black African women were raped by Indo-Europeans, either on the boats or on the Plantations.  The consequence of this brutal colonial processes of intentional genetic engineering, is that the Afro-Americans here now are, in Bureau of Indian Affairs terminology, “halfbreeds.”

The Whites can’t deal honestly with what they have done.  Instead of facing reality, or having open dialogue, they are hiding the truth, and buying time from one generation to the next.  The bureaucracy that handles Afro-American Affairs keeps such a low profile, it’s almost as invisible as real Civil Rights for “non-whites” and “people of color.”  In other Crooked English terms, the Afro-Americans are called “mulattos,” “quadroons,” or just plain “Black People,” even though they are half White.   If one “Indian” great-great-grandparent can make a person an enrolled, “Federally Recognized Indian,” then by the same logic, all “Black” people are really White.  Probably the reason why Congress doesn’t pass any laws to protect Afro-Americans, and why the Supreme Court finesses their way out of granting Afro-Americans any enforceable legal protection, is that these Afro-Americans are all “legally” White people.

The Afro-Americans have already lost their African Sovereignty, their African land and their African identity.  That’s why Congress hasn’t passed volumes of laws “for Afro-Americans.”  But, there are literally millions of laws, amendments and regulations passed “for Indians.”  What the U.S. and England are trying to do, is put Aboriginal Indigenous people in the same category as “Indians.”  That’s why all of these laws are passed—and at the same time the Justice Department refuses to give justice to “Indians.”  They are using “Indians” to get at the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  They are trying to be slick and sly, and hoping nobody will notice their long-term agenda.

The same kind of genocidal genetic and social engineering which was done to Afro-Americans was also applied to the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Many of the people walking around with laminated plastic “Indian Identity Cards” are 15/16 White, or have all Indo-European ancestors, some of whom were Moors.  And, some of their ancestors are Black Africans.  While the Whites were still refining their social and genetic engineering, some of these people ended up in records which we have found in our research as “1/3” or “2/3” Indian, which is Crooked English, Crooked Math, and biologically impossible. According to recent legal opinions used by the United States Congress, “Indian Justice” is a “purely political process,” and the U.S. refuses to claim jurisdiction over “Indian rights.”  “Indians” are mythological, an imaginary creation of the Europeans.

“Indians” were created by the Indo-Europeans so that they would have somebody under their control to get at the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Charles Curtis, White “Indian” Vice President of the United States realized “that Congress could make or unmake an Indian, regardless of genealogy, ethnological data, treaty commitments or tribal preference.  So could an employee of the Indian Office, acting under his interpretation of federal law or the directive of an administrative superior ...”  The hidden agenda of the United States is that the “Indians” are Whites, and the Blacks are White.  The invisible party hidden within this White man’s torturous labyrinth of fantasies and lies, are the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  When you understand Crooked English, a person can see what the English men in Congress are doing with their laws—and why, under racist European thinking, neither the Blacks nor the Indians can get any justice.  That’s why they have to go to the Supreme Court to get a ruling, and it still comes out racism.

As Indian Commissioner Thomas Morgan wrote to Charles Curtis, ‘to suggest that mixed-bloods were not Indians “would unsettle and endanger the titles to much of the lands that have been relinquished by Indian tribes and patented to citizens of the United States.”  Land Titles are already ‘endangered’—the United States is all stolen property and clouded title.  The “Indians” were already citizens of the United States, through their White fathers.  Because of their White fathers, even half-Aboriginal “Indians” became Christians, and became part of the European Patrilineage: they lost their Aboriginal Indigenous Identity and their Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty.  These half-breeds did not have any land to be ceding to the United States; they were second-class (because they were only “half-White”) United States Citizens who were subject to the United States draft, but most of the Indians did not have Suffrage until after World War II.  Indians did not have Sovereignty to sign Treaties.

The “Indian Problems” do not come from the Aboriginal Indigenous communities, nor from the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The “Indian Problems” come from the racist Indo-European society, which wants Indians to assimilate to Welfare (either A.F.D.C. or government patronage jobs) so that they do not get any political or economic power, and so they do not have any culture or identity of their own.  The Indo-European hierarchial system is set up so that the millions of mixed-blood children, intentionally created as a part of racist Indo-European social and genetic engineering policies, never will get any political power.  The long-range plan is to turn them into helots and serfs, trapped by what the bigoted Europeans call “tainted blood” into the lowest classes of the racist Indo-European feudal social structure.  This is already happening, and the “social change” orchestrated from the top of the feudal structure just re-entrenches it.

Recycled News:

According to the newspapers, the Fighting Sioux, the Washington Redskins and the Atlanta Braves are all losing teams.  I don’t have any complaints about sports teams using these names.  These are all English names, they are not about Aboriginal Indigenous People and these names are not in our Aboriginal Indigenous languages.  People are getting all upset about these names, but they haven’t done their homework and researched it.  The main thing one might get upset about, is that these teams are losers.

Also, mass media have been full of talk about pollution, deforestation and vanishing species.  Wolves, buffalo, and eagles are all “endangered,” and the delicate interconnected balance of nature is being ripped apart by the White man’s greed.  The beautiful Aboriginal Indigenous permaculture which provided abundantly for our people for so many millennia, was destroyed by the Europeans in the name of “progress,” so that they could provide “jobs” for their people.  The Circle goes around.  What’s almost extinct now, and needs to be put on the “endangered species list,” is jobs for people in America.  We should hold a requiem for the “American Dream.”

Warning labels have been put on tobacco, and nobody smokes Havana Cigars anymore—the economic boycott on Cuba has worked!  Nobody can smoke in Federal Buildings any more: tobacco smokers are being blamed for consequences of two-pack-a-day smog (while they pay for the costs of Federal Buildings, and subsidize the big-time polluters with their tobacco taxes).  People who were once addicted to nicotine are now addicted to smog.  Health problems created by toxic pollution are blamed on “second-hand cigarette smoke.”  Warning labels also appear on beer; pregnant women are advised “do not drink this beer.”  A jolly old man driving reindeer (due to appear soon) is promoted as a role model for all good children.  This red-nosed old man is singing “ho, ho, ho” because he’s had a tankard too many—and he’s driving!  (That’s why “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.”)  Over the Reservation, he has to worry about the penalties for “Drunk Driving,” although once he gets past the Reservation Line, all he has to worry about is “driving under the influence.”  Why are the Mothers Against Drunk Driving taking their children on “special treat” trips to sit on the knee (he doesn’t have any lap left) of this old man with a beer belly?  And, all the rest of you men: if you look pregnant, if you can’t see your shoes, this warning label on beer bottles applies to you also.


frost on window
Midwinter frost on the window at Wub-e-ke-niew and Clara's house, Red Lake

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