Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

December 4, 1991

        According to the dictionary, “ethnic” is defined as, “Of, pertaining to, or peculiar to a race; pertaining to races, their origin, characteristics, etc.; ethnological; also, pertaining to nations not Jewish or Christian; heathen or pagan...”  This is a European point of view.  The Anishinabe Ojibway people are “none of the above,” and we are not “ethnic” (and we are not “minorities”).  “Ethnic” is an ethnocentric word; for us it’s simpler to say that these immigrant and pilgrim peoples are invaders, whether they were armed with guns, germ warfare or Bibles.

        Chippewa Indians define themselves as “minorities” and “ethnic people,” because they were created by the White man and depend on the White man for their identity.  They are holdovers from the French and Indian Wars, which were a fight over which European Sovereign could exploit this Continent—and none of these European Sovereignties belong here.  United States Government “experts” and academic scholars get into all kinds of word-games and Crooked English about something simple like “Sovereignty.”  The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran an article last week about Red Lake, which mentioned “status as a quasi-sovereign state.”  A B.I.A. official says that it’s difficult to explain, a “government to government” relationship.  The experts and officials are making Sovereignty seem complicated, because they are obscuring their lies.  Sovereignty is really very simple: when the People jointly have owned their religion, and their culture, their land and their language since time immemorial, when these People know who they are through their Clans and don’t have to take on a fake identity from somebody else, then these are Sovereign People.  Sovereignty can’t be delegated piecemeal by one group of people to another, and Sovereignty is not given out commodity style.  Neither the Pope nor the Archbishop of Canterbury has any right to allocate another Peoples’ Sovereignty or another Peoples’ land.  (Ask the Arabs and the Jews about religion, land, language, which add up to identity and to Sovereignty.)

        The Metis refugees from the “French and Indian” wars between France and England were made into Chip-away Indians in order to sign treaties.  Common sense shows that these “Treaties” were fakes and frauds manipulated by con artists: no Sovereign People would ever sell their land and thus their Sovereignty.  The heavily armed Alexander Ramsey knew that the Anishinabe Ojibway were not about to sell Grandmother Earth or our Sovereignty when he came to our Nation in 1863.  He lied about the purpose of his visit,

        “Now, there is growing up a trade of considerable importance between the British settlements on the north and the American [also British[] settlements on the south.  It is of the highest importance that this trade goes on without interruption ...  Now, this is a trade which cannot and must not be interrupted.  And their great Father, feeling this, and desirous to prevent any trouble between his white and red people, has sent us here to come to some understanding with you about it.  The Great Father has no especial desire to get possession of their lands.  He does not want their lands at all if they do not want to part with them.  He has more land now than he knows what to do with.  He simply wishes that his people should enjoy the privilege of travelling through their country on steamboats and wagons unmolested.”  (September 23, 1863, Old Crossing; Confidential Executive Papers of the 38th Congress, 1st Session [emphasis mine].)

        The Chip-away Indians and Metis who were present at the Old Crossing in 1863, and who were the ones who eventually signed the “Treaty,” did not have any Sovereignty.  They were willing to “sell land” for four cents an acre, because the land did not belong to them.  The Meti from the French fur trade were Prisoners of War and the Reservations were concentration camps.  They were offered a choice of being deported to France or being turned into Chip-away Indians.  A lot of them were refugees from some pretty desperate circumstances in France.  They were purged out of France and dumped into the Colonies in the first place, and if they had refused to sign the “Treaties” and had been shipped back to France, France would have just sent them out again into another colony, probably Devil’s Island.

News from the Indian Reorganization Act Jourdanian and Brun diminishing and deforested concentration camp called a reservation:  
        The White and Indian European foreigners have used many methods to steal our land and resources.  Just recently, I received a visit from Chairman Brun.  I offered him coffee and offered to engage in dialogue, but that was not on his agenda.  He complained to me that there were “people here who wanted to polarize the community.”  But, the community has already been polarized.  The United States Government intentionally creates factions in the Indian and Anishinabe Ojibway community (B.I.A. documents show that the “precipitation of factions” is planned—one example was deliberately using factions to get the I.R.A. into Red Lake, against the wishes of both the Anishinabe Ojibway and some of the Indians).  Factions are a necessary part of the Indo-European violent way of governing.  I am not trying to create factions or polarize the already-divided community.  What I want is to preserve what little the Anishinabe Ojibway People have left, for the generations yet to come.  The Anishinabe Ojibway, “We, the People,” have an inalienable right to exist as a People in our own land.

        The Indo-Europeans have developed a large number of devious methods to intimidate and manipulate people.  They’ve fine-tuned their dehumanizing strategies for centuries.  Chairman Brun of the Chip-away Indians does not have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors; he was turned into an “Indian” by the European immigrant government.  The Chairman’s White values really showed as I talked to him.  I cannot be manipulated by the B.I.A., so the Chairman told me I was “lazy.”  Sure, I’m “lazy.”  I’m so lazy that I’m growing a garden instead of going to all the work of filling out applications for food stamps and rations left over from one of the White man’s many wars (probably World War II). I’m so lazy that I cut my own firewood instead of going to get energy assistance.  I’m too lazy to claim I’m “Indian” so I can collect paychecks for six Government jobs.  I’m too lazy to apply for all of the assistance that the United States Government pays “their Indians” to stay Indian ... well, I’m Anishinabe Ojibway and not Indian, and I don’t want any part of the U.S. Government’s Indian Programs mandated by International Rules of War for Occupied Peoples.  From the French and Indian-Meti Wars, “Indians” are a conquered people, and you do not belong here (research your genealogy—by the crooked B.I.A. pen, Whites were packed onto the Red Lake Enrollments as “fullblood” Indians).  Indo-Europeans and foreigners have no right to be destroying the Anishinabe Ojibway Peoples’ forests, selling our Natural Rights to our resources, or speaking “for” the Aboriginal Indigenous People as “Indians.”

        Calling people “lazy” is an old Indo-European trick.  The foreign U.S. calls the Mexicans “lazy” and “wetback aliens.”  A lot of the Mexicans are Aboriginal Indigenous people; the foreign U.S. stereotypes them as “lazy” in order to manipulate them into slave-labor working conditions.  The “wetbacks” might have a little bit of fresh water on their back, but the European boat people came over a lot of salt water, they should call them “salt backs.”

News from the Assimilation Front: 
        The Europeans have a tired old song and dance story, the same old worn out theme “Assimilate and Be Like Us.”  They’ve been telling it to the Aboriginal Indigenous People; they don’t need to tell it to the Indians because the Indians have already assimilated into an Indo-European identity.  Why are the Indians stealing culture from the Aboriginal Indigenous people?  Why are they telling Chip-away Indians, learn “Ojibway first.”  What the Indian-Metis need to do is learn how to speak Crooked English, so that they can defend themselves against Crooked English Bureaucrats and Shysters.  They’re not really serious about “assimilation” (it’s just another manipulation tactic like calling people “lazy”).  The Indo-Europeans don’t have any culture to assimilate into.  They were too busy going to war and stealing from other Peoples to develop any culture besides a culture of violence and greed.  They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t violent.  If they really wanted the residents of the Red Lake Reservation to assimilate, why don’t they put up mailboxes and have rural mail delivery?  Why aren’t there newspaper routes like there are in any other rural area?  The original European Political Scientist, Machiavelli, prescribes keeping people isolated and mis-educated and uninformed.

        Speaking of education, watch that Red Lake Indian School Board!  They’re trying to mortgage land that doesn’t belong to them again, to pay off their $12 million dollar debt.  They should know by now that “Trust Status” can be abolished by the stroke of a pen, because you Indians were created with a stroke of a pen.

        By the way, I returned the turkey the Chip-away Indian Tribal Council sent over.

News flash:
Politicians are gearing up for the election.  A bumper sticker was sighted:



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