Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

November 6, 1991

The World Series has come and gone for this year.  But, the racism that goes with big-time for-profit Commercial sports is still here.  Spectator sports are a holdover from the Roman Empire, a mass release of frustrations, a mob-hysteria scapegoating of the designated “bad guys.”  It is exceptionally bad manners for Europeans to do what they are doing to Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ sacred drums as a part of their “spectacle.”  But, racism and intolerance have always been a part of Gladiator Sports.

The “tomahawk chop” and the “tom-toms” protested by Indians aren’t the root of the problem.  If A.I.M. wants to be “Indian,” that’s fine.  A.I.M. leadership needs to publicly recognize that “Indians” and Aboriginal Indigenous People are not the same people.  If people want to get caught up in an Indian identity created by Europeans, they should realize that tomahawk chops and war-paint and all of that other nonsense is part of the fake Indian identity that Europeans have created.  The Europeans own the Identity of “Indians,” they invented it and they can say what they want about their own creation.  If you think you’re an “Indian” and don’t like what Europeans are saying about “Indians,” go get your real identity and quit promoting racism against Aboriginal Indigenous People.  Is what the Bureau of Indian Affairs pays people to be “Indian” enough to compensate for the personal cost of a false identity?

On Friday, the first of November, the Star Tribune published an article about some more racism.  The Christian Clergy apologized to Alaska’s Indians and Eskimos.  The Good Men of the Cloth can apologize until the cows come home, but as long as they’re identifying the Aboriginal Indigenous People they’re apologizing to as “Indians” and “Eskimos,” they’re perpetuating the racism, arrogance and ethnocentrism that they’re trying to apologize for.  Instead of praying “for forgiveness for our sins...” perhaps the Christian Clergy could look at what makes them respond “with fear, suspicion, arrogance, hostility and a patronizing attitude...”  They could commit themselves to changing the Indo-European system, which is continuing to destroy the Inuit and other Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples.  They could look at their own ongoing racism, at the problems that Indo-European in accepting other Peoples’ cultures because the Europeans have had their own Aboriginal Indigenous culture destroyed.

The Genocide Convention Act prohibits forcibly imposing another religion on Aboriginal Indigenous People anywhere.  Sovereignty, both for the Aboriginal Indigenous People and for the Europeans, is held through religion.  Church and State are not separate, and never have been.  (Ask any European historian about the Divine Right of Kings and Queens.)  The agenda of the political institutions which call themselves “Christian Churches” is “conversion of all Peoples,” which is crooked English for World Conquest under the assumed Sovereignty of the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Chippewa and other Christian Indians were created by the Indo-Europeans in order to sign away the Anishinabe Ojibway Nations’ land.  The problem that the United States is facing—and they are doing “Spin Control Public Relations” like crazy, promoting “Indians” and hiding the genocide—is that Chippewa and other Indians did not own any land when the “Treaties” were signed, and they do not own land now.  Without Sovereign Land, there is no Sovereignty.  There are several examples of Peoples caught in pseudo-Sovereignty in world events right now.  Many of the Quebecois want to secede from the British Colony of Canada—but the Quebecois do not own any land: the Iroquoians and the Algonquins and the other Aboriginal Indigenous people of this continent own the land.  Without land, there can be no Sovereignty.  Ask the Israelis and the Jews about Sovereignty—or better yet, ask the Palestinians about land and Aboriginal Sovereignty.

The United States is not Sovereign.  There are laws about “Crown Land” in the U.S. law books along with the rest of English Common Law, European-mandated Grand Juries, and Roman Statute Law, all written in Crooked English Legalese.  The Treaties transferring European-conferred “land title” from “Indians” to European Nations do not mean anything, because the Indians who signed the Treaties did not own the land.  The Aboriginal Indigenous people owned the land then, and we still own it.  “Indian” is a con-game identity created by Europeans in order to steal land.  Without land, there is no Sovereignty.  Indians do not have Sovereignty, except that artificially conferred by the United States Government, which does not own the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land on this continent, either.  Research it!  I have not found one single Aboriginal Indigenous Person who knowingly signed a Treaty to sell their own land—and I haven’t found one single “Indian Treaty” written in any Aboriginal Indigenous language, either.  I have found some astonishingly crooked “halfbreed” Treaties that were so openly dishonest that even the notorious Senate wouldn’t ratify them.  The ratified “Treaties” are just as crooked, but more discreet, and they also were signed mostly by Indo-Europeans and by a few token “halfbreeds” who were mostly illiterate.

The United States knew at the time that the Treaties were written that they were fraudulent.  In the 1890’s, the long-range plan discussed and approved by Leading Christian Men at the Lake Mohonk Conference was to annihilate all of the Aboriginal Indigenous People, so that there would be nobody left to challenge the United States Government’s claim to this stolen continent.  One of the means used for many years to wipe out Anishinabe Ojibway people was the Sacred Cow of the Indo-Europeans.  (Sacred Cows have been a part of germ warfare for a long time; because of Cow-Pox they protect dairy-herding Europeans against Small-Pox.)  The buffalo and other permacultural foods of the Aboriginal Indigenous people were being destroyed—and are still being destroyed.  Sacred Cows, intentionally infected with Tuberculosis, were brought into Aboriginal Indigenous communities.  Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ vulnerability to Tuberculosis and other germ warfare was also discussed at Lake Mohonk.  My paternal great-grandparents and grand-parents, and both of my parents, all died of Small-Pox and Tuberculosis, as planned at Lake Mohonk by “friends of the Indians” (who were genocidal enemies of the Aboriginal Indigenous People).

In the early 1900’s, there was yet another Small-Pox epidemic in Red Lake.  The smallpox vaccine was developed in 1796.  During these planted epidemics, the U.S. vaccinated the Metis they wanted to keep as “Indians” and did not vaccinate the Aboriginal Indigenous People.)  There is still—by Disease Control Center standards—a Tuberculosis epidemic on the Red Lake Reservation, mostly in Ponemah.  (The Tuberculosis rate here is presently a thousand times greater than the epidemic rate among the homeless people in New York City.)  The racism goes on, and the genocide of Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples goes on.  This is part of why the United States is so actively promoting “Indians,” to hide what they have done and are still doing.

I am Anishinabe Ojibway, and my religion is the Midewiwin.  I am not a Chippewa Indian, and I am angry about being called by this racist insult, “ Chippewa Indian.”  The United States Government and the other Europeans have no business calling me by this racist name of “Chippewa Indian,” and this is what I am writing about.  I am writing about identity.  I am not writing about the further racism and discrimination that is perpetrated against people caught in the identity of “Chippewa Indian:” the “red-lining” by insurance companies and banks, and the long-distance charges that start at the reservation line by the telephone company.  I am not writing about the racist gerrymandering that cuts through the Reservation: there are almost eight thousand Chippewa Indians on the Red Lake Rolls (and about 350 Aboriginal Indigenous People of Red Lake who still survive and have a right to exist)—with 80% of the population of Bemidji there should be three Beltrami County Commissioners from Red Lake Reservation.

I am not writing about the racism of teacher certification in Red Lake (why are almost all of the tenured teachers European-Americans who commute onto the Reservation?)  I am also not writing about the inherently racist perspective of certain other mass-media in this area.  When I questioned one of the editors of this racist media, she told me, “Why can’t you be like us?”  Maybe what she wanted was for me to become a Chippewa Indian; a person who had lost their identity like the rest of the Indo-Europeans; a person who has assimilated into values of greed and lies; a person who doesn’t know who they really are.

For most of my life, I have been under pressure to “assimilate,” to throw away my ancient Aboriginal culture and assimilate—but to what?  For many years, I was forced off of my homeland and into European-American so-called culture, and I have studied European-Americans, their values and what they call “culture.”  I have been in Europe, and have studied the Europeans in their homeland.  I have not seen anything worth assimilating to.  The only “culture” that I have found among the Europeans is in some of their music, like Wagner, Bach, Beethoven, and Johann Strauss, which is all violent, regimented military music with an artificial harmony and a rhythm of jackboots and sabers.  European culture, music and languages center around greed, violence and war: the Knight in Shining Armor, Gladiator-Heros, Princes and Kings, and Getting Rich.  The other side of the same gilt coin of their culture—and the two cannot be separated because they are the same thing—is more violence: concentration camps and reservations, prisons, reformatories, penitentiaries and other “correctional facilities,” jails and “let’s build more jails,” lawyers, judges and prosecuting attorneys, probation officers, entire libraries filled with European laws, juvenile delinquents, gangs, police and “we need more police,” alcohol, dope, poverty, crime in the streets and crime-shows on T.V., human sacrifice to the Goddess of Justice (the “Death Penalty”), minimum wage, homelessness, “third-word” and “fourth-world” conditions right here in the U.S. and everywhere else the Europeans have gone.  F.B.I. statistics show that “crime is up.”  Crime is always on the rise—it’s been like that here since 1492.  Instead of going to the root causes, crime is used to entrench the culture and economics of violence.

How many wars have there been in the Indo-European dominated world since just 1066 A.D.?  There have been many thousands of hours of propaganda about “warlike Indians” in Western propaganda movies promoting Western $ivilization (granted the “Indians” were warlike because they were created by warlike Europeans and, unlike the Aboriginal Indigenous People, they have European values).  The so-called “Indian wars” were fought by Europeans and Metis, and then the Europeans over-ran this continent and they kept right on having wars.  So, who’s war-like?  Manifest Destiny reached the Pacific and beyond, and the Europeans drafted “their Indians” to fight in still more wars.

All of these social problems were brought from Europe right on the same boats as the refugees running away from them.  This violence is European culture, and as long as it’s embedded in European language, religion, and values—in the very way they look at the world—they can’t get away from it.  The European-American refugees from European Feudalism and European war might want to take a serious and honest look at U.S. history and European-American “culture.”  It’s all violent.  A piece of trivia for you, if you don’t already know it, and you should: Mars is one of the Indo-European Gods of War.


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