Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

October 6, 1991

From the introduction to one of the B.I.A.’s long-range plans, THE RED LAKE INDIAN RESERVATION, Its Resources and Development Potential (1979):

“Such a program will necessitate changes in certain activities and attitudes that may not be entirely acceptable to tribal members [particularly the Anishinabe Ojibway who own the land].”

This document is signed by the then-Superintendent, Red Lake Agency.  Some of the long-range plans, arrogantly concocted by sly, sleazy, slippery snake-oil salesmen and other accredited Expert Social Engineers are now being put into effect.  This includes the environmental racism of clear-cutting on the West end of Red Lake Reservation (and wasting most of the timber)—“technical assistance” was provided by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  The ancestors of these so-called Accredited Experts ran away from Europe, literally starving because all of the resources in Europe had been destroyed.  How can they possibly know how to manage natural resources and permaculture when all of their own resources were destroyed; when they have no understanding of this land.  These White Experts are bullshitting; their greed culture does not make them good managers, and their thought is stunted by their Indo-European language.  They are alienated from the harmony of Nature—all a person has to do is look around at the destruction and pollution all across this continent.

From: Red Lake News, February 1, 1918 (Volume 5, #8): “COMMISSIONER SELLS AND HIS REPORT”:

... [In the discussion of] his well known “Declaration of Policy” the following comments are made:

A careful study of the practical effects of governmental policies for determining the wardship of the Indians of this country is convincing that the solution is individual and not collective.  Each individual must be considered in the light of his own environment and capacity for larger responsibilities and privileges.

While ethnologically a preponderance of white blood has not heretofore been a criterion [sic] of competency, nor even now is it always a safe standard, it is almost an axiom that an Indian who has a larger proportion of white blood than Indian partakes more of the characteristics of the former than the latter.  In thought and action, so far as the business world is concerned, he approximates more closely to the white blood ancestry.

In the so-called Great Age of Discovery, Columbus thought he landed in India.  In the name of the King and the Pope who held his Sovereignty, Columbus exercised the so-called Indo-European “Right of Discovery,” and gave a new name to our Continents and to the Aboriginal Indigenous People who lived here.  This is one of the devious strategies of Social Engineering that the Indo-Europeans are great at: giving people and places, and everything that belongs to somebody else a different name, in order to claim and control everybody and everything.  The Europeans called everybody here “Indians,” which is a racist identity.  They claimed that some CrackPots in Europe owned it all.

The Melting Pot Theory comes from the Social Engineering thought that the Europeans brought with them—it’s been built into their language and culture by four thousand years of hierarchial government and wars to conquer whatever the “known world” was at that time.  The idea was to destroy all of the distinct Aboriginal Indigenous Nations that were here, to force everybody into an identity that is owned by the European: “Americans,” (with or without hyphens).  For Social Engineers, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but it doesn’t work and it never will work.  The Melting Pot has cracked.  The Liberty Bell is cracked.  So, the Social Engineers brought in “pot,” and then they brought in “crack.”  The whole concept of Social Engineering is a CrackPot theory.  Social Engineering doesn’t work in the long run because it is aimed at world conquest in the Name of a few of the elite.  Adolf Hitler was using Social Engineers’ theories when he constructed the Third Reich; like Spain and like England he wanted world conquest.  Such violent ego-maniac delusions are built into the Indo-European language and culture, Adolf Hitler as an individual was not the problem and he was not unique.  Theodore Roosevelt used the same kind of Indo-European language to describe the U.S. Congress’ “Indian” laws as a “giant machine to pulverize the Tribal masses,” and then he laughed and said “we’ve got them where they want them, they can’t move.”  All of the Indo-European laws that they pass for other people are Social Engineering laws.  This is genocide and it is a violation of human rights.

Social Engineering can never work because everybody has their own identity.  When people are forced into an identity that doesn’t belong to them—an identity owned and controlled by somebody else—even if they don’t know what is wrong, people are angry, depressed and unhappy.  The people who created or control the identity get to brag about playing God, “with one stroke of the pen we created you, and with one stoke of the pen you will no longer exist.”  Instead of letting other people force you into an artificial identity, find out who you really are.

Other excerpts from the RED LAKE NEWS: April 1, 1918 (Volume 5, #18):


“Farmers have began [sic] to plow and make preparations for sowing oats.

“The Farm Station Farmers’ Club met at the Farm station March 9 with the following members present: Joe Roberts, William Sayers, Henry Sayers, Frank Sayers, Louis Gurneau, Joe Lajannesse, Gust Lajannesse, Frank Carl, Joe Lusier, Peter Neadeau and Solomon Blue.  The following officers were elected for the coming year: Louis Gurneau, President; Peter Neadeau, Vice President, and Solomon Blue, Secretary-Treasurer.

“It was been [sic] decided by the farmers’ club of this district that all stock must be kept in a pasture.  Anyone camping in this district will be obliged to keep their stock tied and if they destroy any crops or gardens they must pay damage.

“The next meeting of the farmers’ club will be held at Sayersville April 3rd.

“It was reported a short time ago that a German spy was in our midst in this district, but on investigating the matter it was found that it will be twenty-one years before he will be able to transmit information to the enemy, and by that time the war will be ended and he will be a good American.  The little fellow is making his home with “Dutch” and Mrs. Brun.

“‘Smoky’ Kelly says he is going to farm in the Northwest Angle this Spring; good for him—we hope he makes a great success.

                            - C.A.S.”

RED LAKE NEWS, June 1, 1918 (Volume 5 #20):


“The state law provides that no fishing be done for commercial purposes until after May 1, 1918.

“This law was enacted by the State Legislature in order to preserve the supply of fish.  As you know this is the time of year when the fish are spawning or laying their eggs.  If they are destroyed at this time many millions of fish will be destroyed with them.  However, the State Superintendent of Fisheries advises me that he will take pickerel and rough fish, but NO PIKE.

“White men and non-residents are prohibited from fishing without a permit but none will be granted during the closed season.

                            WALTER F. DICKENS

                Supt. and Spl. Disb. Agent”

When I attended Catholic Mission School, during the school discussion one day, the Nuns were talking about their grandparents from Germany, and how they had emigrated over here.  When I tried to talk about my grandparents, I was told to keep quiet, because my Anishinabe Ojibway grandparents were “dirty, lazy, and good-for-nothing Savages,” that is what the Nuns told me.  The Nuns also said, “You’re an American, now, forget about your past.”  Every morning, they told us, “You are the Vanishing American,” and tried to make me into a Chippewa Indian, one of the conquered people they call “Our Indians.”

The Nuns were using the CrackPot Melting Theory.  They wanted to put the Aboriginal Indigenous children into an identity which they owned and controlled.  The United States Governments’ policy toward Aboriginal Indigenous People on this continent is and always has been based on “Indians” that they created, own, and control.  The Crooked English name of this policy is “Indian Policy.”  This policy addresses what they call the “Indian Problem,” and for more than 200 years they have been looking for a “final solution.”  This Indian Policy has absolutely no jurisdiction over Aboriginal Indigenous People and never had jurisdiction.  Title 25 of the United States Code, Section 479, in which the United States tries to extend the term “Indian” to include Aboriginal Indigenous people does not apply to the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous people because we are NOT “Indians” and we still hold our own Sovereignty, and we still have our Aboriginal Indigenous religion, the Midewiwin.  “Indian religion” is a cult, legislated by the United States Government.  Check it out—read the Indian Freedom of Religion Act carefully.  If you want further documentation of the Social Engineers’ botched strategy, go ask the Bureau of Indian Affairs for your genealogy.  The B.I.A. will tell you that it’s “Confidential,” but what they’re saying between the lines is that “we need you to be an Indian to hide the genocide and other human rights violations that were done here.”  The Bureau pays good taxpayer dollars to keep people with European ancestry in the Chippewa Indian identity, and lately there has been a lot of media promotion of “Our Indians.”

Genetic Engineering is a part of Social Engineering.  One moment the Aryans screaming against miscegenation; the next moment they are mating with Aboriginal Indigenous women to produce Chippewa Indians intended to serve in the long-range plans of stealing these continents.  This kind of strategy worked very well in Europe, but it does not work here.

Chippewa Indians are still being used to steal or destroy whatever the Anishinabe Ojibway people have left.  The United States Government’s de-forestation policies, put into practice by their broker and middleman Chippewa Indians, have another more accurate name: environmental racism.  The Chippewa Halfbreed Treaties are another example of Indians being used to steal from Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The people of the White Earth Land Recovery Project who are trying to get “their” land back are saying that the Whites who got land in White Earth have “clouded title.”  Chippewa Indian Title is also clouded title.  The Chippewa Indians never owned any land—there were no Chippewa Indians here until the Indo-Europeans came and created them.  The Chippewa Indians had no right to “sell” the land that the halfbreed Chippewa Indian “Treaties” are based on, because they never owned that land.  The land is owned by the Anishinabe Ojibway, through the Midewiwin, and cannot be sold.


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