Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

September 25, 1991
                                                                                                                  September 25, 1991

In an unsigned Sunday editorial, the Bemidji Pioneer blamed “proximity to three American Indian reservations which suffer problems of unemployment and poverty” for part of Crime Capitol Bemidji’s “major crime problems.”  Election year is coming up.  The Political Carnies are descending like vultures, starting their entrench-the-system “Get the Criminals and Welfare Bums!  It’s all their fault!” same old song and dance routine again.  This time around, a new variation on the same tired old theme will probably be Indian Gambling and the Mafia, even though Reservation gambling is owned and controlled by the State of Minnesota and benefits all White interests.

The Governor’s Commission on Violent Crime held hearings last Wednesday at B.S.U. [Bemidji State University]. The people who addressed this commission were from all levels of the hierarchy.  Some of them were misled into believing that the Crime Commission actually wanted to address the root causes of crime, and gave heartfelt stories about their own personal experiences with violent crime.  Some, from higher levels of the hierarchy, wanted to start more programs, and get more money for their projects to deal with the symptoms.  They did not address the underlying problems.  Nobody said, “we are a violent society, and we have to change our values.”  Nobody talked about Hollywood’s constant stream of propaganda for violence: I’ve seen three year old children laughing and gleefully clapping their hands when a “bad guy” gets killed by a “good guy” on T.V.  The “good guys” and the “bad guys” are both violent.

Nobody at the Governor’s Commission talked about the violence that their society depends on.  Violence is a part of their infrastructure, and a part of their hierarchial economic system.  How many laws are there on the books in the United States, including death-penalty laws, if it’s not a violent society?  How many jails, prisons, reform schools, and Criminal Justice programs are there in the U.S., if it’s not a violent society?  The people at the Governor’s Commission did not even start to look at the violence that is used to maintain the social hierarchy in the U.S.A.  Maybe they’ve been so brainwashed that they couldn’t see it.  All they have to do is go look in a mirror, to see a violent person staring back at them.

An example of the kind of violence that isn’t even thought about, is the “good guys” passing tax loopholes, one of the many laws that the rich “good guys” pass for their own benefit.  This means that the people who do not profit from the tax loopholes have to work harder to support the rich.  This covert violence isn’t obvious from within the hierarchial structure, but what happens to the “little guy” who doesn’t pay his taxes, or who is pushed beyond his financial means and can’t pay his rent?  He’s forced into a credit trap, borrowing from loan sharks so he doesn’t have to go on welfare (which is psychological violence).  Another name for this is Feudalism, improved by Machiavellian philosophy.  (When the Master called, the indentured slaves with death sentences commuted to being shipped over here chained in boat-holds said, “serf’s up, peon the peasants.”  This is part of your Indo-European lower hierarchy.)

Compulsory school education is another violent way of brainwashing children, especially minority and Aboriginal Indigenous children.  Forcing Anishinabe Ojibway children into boarding schools was just one aspect of the Genocide.  For the Chippewa Indian children, their education may have been violent but it was not genocide.  As was standard Indo-European colonial practice of social and genetic engineering, Chippewa Indians were already Citizens and had lost their Aboriginal Indigenous religion, their Anishinabe Ojibway identity, and their Aboriginal Sovereignty.  Because of their Indo-European fathers or patrilineal grandfathers, these people were owned and controlled under European Sovereignty, and were given the invented name and identity of “Chippewa Indian.”  But, the Anishinabe Ojibway and other Aboriginal Indigenous children still have their Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty now, under the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation and through their Dodems and Clans.  Forcing these Sovereign children into an Indo-European curriculum, physically and psychologically abusing them, and calling them “dumb” for not abandoning their own beautiful Traditional identity, forcibly removing them from their families into school is violence.  These are Human Rights violations, and compulsory education is still genocide legislated by the “good guys.”  The United States and England are still violating the United Nations International Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, to this day.

There has been a lot of talk about “Euro-centric” curriculum lately, for example what Columbus did or didn’t do, and hair-splitting about what to say about it in textbooks.  But, there has been very little talk about the covert curriculum of compulsory school education: twelve years of violent programming, psychological abuse, and brainwashing using both teachers and tacitly condoned schoolyard bullies.  The compulsory school education forces children into the social class system.  It tracks children into their “station in life” in the artificial European hierarchy at a very young age, and once a child is identified by a teacher as a potential ditch-digger or prison inmate, they have very little chance of escaping this imposed identity.  Their self-esteem is stripped away from them so they can’t defend themselves against attacks from “above” themselves in the hierarchy.  They are trapped in the pecking order of the Indo-European hierarchy —this maintains the phony class system for the privileged.  Upper-class children are catered to in school, given every advantage, and repeatedly told they’re going to be somebody.  Schoolyard bullies play an important part in this system, and so does the teachers’ racism and class-ism.

Children have to be treated as responsible people, and as human beings, not as juveniles.  All children need to be responsible for their actions.  The bullies need to be tried in court for “assault and battery,” not as a “juvenile” with a slap on the wrist because they’re maintaining the class system, but as an adult who is fully responsible for what they are doing.  The teachers who condone the bullies’ violence, and perpetrate violence of their own, whether psychological or physical, also need to face the full responsibility for their actions in court, with the children who are their compulsory-education victims testifying against them.

If violence was eliminated from propaganda packaged as “entertainment,” from the schools, from the social hierarchy, and from the English and other European languages, we will have gone a long way toward eliminating the root causes of “violent crime” and violence.  If schools were designed to genuinely educate instead of being abused for social engineering by the corporations, this would be a big step toward eliminating violence.  If everyone, including the “good guys” at the top of the hierarchy who create factions and orchestrate violence to maintain their position, were held directly and personally responsible for the consequences of what they are doing, this would be a much less violent world.  This includes the violence that is a part of the infrastructure of the economic system.

The factions that are created by the abortion debate are used to divert attention from the real problems and put a guilt trip on everybody.  But, the people who are using such gruesome words to oppose abortions are con artists and worse.  Completely beyond the question of women’s ownership of their own bodies (which it is possible to question because these women do not have any Sovereignty—their Sovereignty is held by the Church, and maybe that’s a question that needs to be addressed), the anti-abortionists are not talking about the consequences of their political agenda.  They are pushing us deeper into Feudalism with over-population.

This continent has already been overpopulated by the Indo-Europeans.  The water is so polluted you can’t drink it, the forests have been cut down, and most of the indigenous species of plants and animals are either extinct or “endangered.”  They are already so overpopulated that a lot of their people go hungry, and don’t have a place to live.  The stresses of overpopulation have a lot to do with their wars and addictions.  What these anti-abortionists’ hidden agenda looks like, is going back into the same Feudalism that our two Continents’ resources pulled the Europeans away from during the Renaissance.  The European immigrants ran away from Feudalism when they came here—but they brought their violent values and social problems with them.  They might call themselves “Americans,” but they are still Feudal Europeans.

With overpopulation, the upper class can make people crawl for the alleged privilege of catering to them; with overpopulation the elite upper class has plenty of cannon fodder and cheap labor.  Sadism, enjoyment of human suffering, is one of the personality characteristics of the Indo-European “good guy” upper class.  They are even more violent than the “bad guys”; they are the ones that initiate and perpetrate each cycle of violence.  When a person who is not at the top of the hierarchy responds to the violence that is a part of the Indo-European culture with violence of their own, then they are caught up in a perpetual motion machine of violence.  It has to come to an end somewhere, but the only way to do it is non-violently.

Bemidji should look at its own violent historical roots that go back to Europe, rather than blaming the Anishinabe Ojibway people who have managed to survive on our land surrounding Bemidji.  How was the land on the “three American Indian reservations” stolen from the Anishinabe Ojibway to become Indian Reservations?  This is part of Bemidji’s violent roots.  Instead of blaming the people who live on the Reservations for being poor, the “good guys” in Bemidji should take a close and honest look at how the money and resources flow in this area’s economy (and who these resources really belong to—they don’t belong to the Chippewa Indians or the Europeans).  The Pillars of Bemidji also need to take an honest look at the way that racism, compulsory education and the money economic system support the violent hierarchy—and exactly who the Outstanding Chippewa Indians who pretend to speak for the Anishinabe Ojibway People really are.


George Bush keeps threatening to drop some more Smart Bombs on the people of Iraq.  The compulsory education system doesn’t give students a very clear history of where the math used to design these Smart Bombs came from.  Children get history of the Roman Empire, and they hear about Roman Numerals, but they don’t go into the implications, in school.  Picture all of the students trying to solve any kind of math problem using Roman Numerals (that’s why the Romans wore sandals, so they could count on their toes as well as their fingers).  When the Islamic Moors, with cultural roots in the ancient Iraqi Civilization, conquered Europe, they gave the Europeans mathematics.  Nobody could design a Smart Bomb using Roman Numerals, which aren’t good for much of anything except making fancy numbers on watches and hiding the copyright dates on violent Hollywood movies about the Europeans Lording it over the Arabs.  Latin is about as useful as Roman Numerals, it’s mostly used by White European medical professionals trying to sound important, when they’re not sure what they’re talking about.  It’s used to intimidate the “uninitiated.”  It’s impossible to design a Smart Bomb in Latin, using Roman Numerals, and can you imagine Einstein trying to work out the Theory of Relativity using Roman Numerals?  The Europeans even stole the words “mathematics” and “algebra” from the Arabs, as well as the idea of zero, and all the rest of their numbers.  They steal from everybody, and then they holler about being “my brother’s keeper,” blaming the victim.


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