Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

July 31, 1991

“You don’t belong here.  You’re an outsider.”  How many times have you heard that?  Many people who call themselves “Red Lakers” have told me that I don’t belong here even though my patrilineal ancestors have lived here for millennia, I am Bear Clan of the Midewiwin and have Anishinabe Ojibway Sovereignty.  But, after doing research on the history and genealogy of Red Lake, and putting together their family tree, I have found out that the people who tell others the loudest, “you don’t belong here,” are second and third-generation Red Lake residents, and White blood-quantum Indians without an Aboriginal Indigenous Clan or a Dodem.  The blood-quantum Indians’ sovereignty is held by the Europeans; they are history and they are gone, in Gonesville.  It’s sad, I’ve known these people all my life, and I hated to face what I’ve always known by doing genealogy.  After doing the genealogy and finding out who they really are, people I’ve known all my life have become total strangers, when I had to face the fact that they were not my people and never have been.  What the Indo-Europeans have done is uncivilized in Aboriginal Indigenous terms.

The United States Government used the 1889 Nelson Act as “legal justification” to pack blood-quantum Indians from the East onto the Red Lake Rolls.  According to the B.I.A. rolls—and other research into their ancestry—most of the Bureau’s blood-quantum Indians do not have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors from Red Lake at all.  Many of these blood-quantum Indians are three-quarters White and one-quarter Aunt Jemimah or Uncle Tom.  The blood-quantum Indians never publicly discuss their Indo-European ancestors; maybe the Bureau doesn’t want them to know about where they came from, or to get back their real identity again.  The B.I.A. is hiding a lot of crookedness and corruption by keeping every document “confidential.”  If the Bureau was honest, their records would be public information, and accessible to the Aboriginal Indigenous people they are trying to hold under crooked “Trusteeship.”

The Nelson Act was titled “An Act for the Relief and Civilization of the Chip-away Indians in the State of Minnesota.”  Docket 18-A of the Indian Claims Commission (which was established to “close the books” on the fraudulent sale of the Red River Valley by Indians that the land did not belong to), as well as the Nelson Act, were written for the purpose of stealing land and creating fake tribes of Indians.  For example, the Pembina Indians—some families of whom have sold Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land four or five times—were mostly French people.  Little Shell was one of the Pembina Indian Chiefs who signed away the Red River Valley.  He was an Indo-European whose last name was Coquille.  None of the people named as plaintiffs for Docket 18-A had any Red Lake Anishinabe Ojibway ancestors at all.

The boilerplate introduction for the Indian Claims Commission reports says, “When the Europeans ‘discovered’ the North American continent they found it inhabited by the Indians and the question of their rights aroused a great moral debate.”  The Great Moral Debate was turned immoral and pushed aside when the Indo-Europeans said that our Continent was inhabited by “Indians.”  There were no Indians here until the Europeans came.  Indians are a mythological people that the Europeans invented.  The Englishmen have gone through all kinds of con games and dishonest mind games because of their mental illness of Greed; trying to say that land all over the world doesn’t belong to the people who have lived on their own land for hundreds of thousands of years.  To perpetuate the myth of Indians, the Europeans have spent millions of dollars choreographing and orchestrating stereotyped Hollywood Indians, Cigar-Store Indians and Drugstore Cowboys.  They are still promoting blood-quantum Indians; sometimes Indians are “vicious Savages” and sometimes they are “noble Savages,” but the Englishmen are stuck with their mythological blood-quantum Indians in order to hide the genocide of the Aboriginal Indigenous People and the theft of our land.

According to the Englishmen, you have to be “civilized” like an Englishman in order to own land.  The United States Government spent a lot of my money and resources on compulsory school-education in order to “sivilize” me.  You Englishmen are hereby put on notice, that when I do become “sivilized,” I am going to do what all Sivilized Europeans do.  I am going to steal the land back that was stolen from me by Civilized People.  When I steal it all back, I want to be put into the Anishinabe Ojibway Nations’ Hall of Fame, because Sivilized people have to be centralized and under control.  The first thing that Sivilized People do is build prisons, jails, churches, and saloons.  Then, the next thing a Sivilized Person does is send out Fifth Columnists, euphemistically called “Missionaries.”  The next order of my Sivilized Business will be to coin and print money, sell Junk Bonds, and put everybody else under Trusteeship so I have total, monopolistic sivilized control.  The closest boilerplate model of a Sivilized Country is the United States, so I’ll have to use stolen resources to back up my money—and charge eighty cents on the dollar in interest and taxes as a surcharge for using my money.  If I am going to use Democracy, which was founded in slave-states 2,500 years ago and is still a slave state, I need to have control over these slaves through my money system and by stealing other peoples’ Sovereignty, when I become Sivilized.  After I become Sivilized, I’ll go and discover everything and say that it’s mine, even though it belongs to other people.  When I’m really Sivilized, I’ll have to write Treaties selling Europe and create mythological people to sign them.   I’ll write falsified and mythical “histories,” and then I’ll tell these people that if they don’t knuckle under, “with one stroke of the pen you will no longer exist,” I have the Sivilized Divine Right of Kings and I created you and I can make you disappear again if you don’t follow orders.  I’ll know that I’ve really become Sivilized when I catch the Mental Illness of Greed.  So, keep tuned to the Ojibway News, to find out about my progress toward Sivilization, a progress report on my acculturation and assimilation, and whether I have caught the European mental illness of Greed.

On the International Scene, the G-7 was having a meeting in Europe.  I could never figure out what the G stood for, but then they told me it was the Civilized “Greedy 7.”  For some third-world countries, and third estates, it would be the Genocidal 7.  When the Soviet Union gets into this elite club, it will be called the “Gorby 8.”

On the local scene, Gravelle and Stanich have been doing some serious investigative reporting for the Duluth paper, about absentee ballots being used to “fix” the crooked 1934 I.R.A. elections of the Blood-Quantum Indians.  Here, at Red Lake, we just had a fishery election.  The fishy elections went just the way I figured they’d go.  Even though the ballots might have added up, it was still a crooked election—somebody who doesn’t vote the “right ticket” can be kicked out of their government-owned house, lose their government-subsidized job, and get labelled as welfare bums and dissidents [which isn’t such a bad word after all].  The entire bureaucratic dictatorship that the Bureau has given their Indians is crooked, from the bottom to the top.  An example would be the “outsider” who was campaigning and passing out literature—which we are told is part of Civilized Democracy.  He was kicked off of Red Lake Reservation for campaigning for the person challenging the incumbent.  But, get this, the incumbent who gave the orders to kick him off the Reservation was also an outsider.  Outsiders kicking outsiders off of my land, it’s hilarious and a big joke.

In other local news, the Bemidji Pioneer writes that the Indians in Bemidji want to have an Indian Center.  Bemidji already has racism, high unemployment, and slave-labor wages.  Now, they want gambling and Bingo in an Indian Center.  Maybe the people in Bemidji like to gamble, and among the “sins” that are being put on the scapegoat Indian identity are gambling and Bingo, which are being used to rip off the Anishinabe Ojibway community and benefits only a small “in” group.  Blood-quantum Indians are already multi-cultural and multi-ethnic people; instead of perpetuating the myth of Indians, the people of Bemidji should build a Multi-Cultural Center.  This would include all people.  There has been a lot of talk and no action in Bemidji about racism; and a Multi-Cultural Center could provide a place for programs to actually start dealing with racism.  Racism affects everybody, and there needs to be dialogue.

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