Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

July 3, 1991

Sovereign and unique have been used to characterize “Indian Tribes.”  The way that the Indo-Europeans deal with the Aboriginal Indigenous Tribes completely ignores Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ Sovereignty.  The Indian Treaty-making process consistently used mixed-blood people whose Sovereignty was already held by the Indo-Europeans, in an “unique” violation of the U.S. Constitution.  Also “unique,” these “Treaties” were written only in English.  The European-appointed mixed-blood Medallion Chiefs who signed the Treaties spoke English.  The language of their fathers was English (or French).  These Medallion Chiefs were automatically U.S. Citizens through their White fathers, but they were denied suffrage by racist policies.

The Indian Claims Commission is funded by the United States Congress with the full knowledge that the claims that it is “adjudicating” are based on fraudulent Treaties.  They want to use their Indians to “close the books forever” on Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ rightful claims—and they keep promoting “our own Indians” (who have only White “sovereignty”) so they don’t have to face the responsibility for genocide and the Holocaust of these two continents.  According to a legal report to the U.S. Congress by M. Maureen Murphy, Legislative Attorney; given to Congress on June 19, 1989, “Treaties with Indians could be abrogated without recourse. The power to do so was a political power, as such, not cognizable by the courts. [The Aboriginal Indigenous People did not sign these Treaties.  At Red Lake, the Anishinabe Ojibway did not sign the Treaty of 1863 or the Amendment in 1864.  The Anishinabe Ojibway  X’s  on the 1889 Chip-Away Agreement are forgeries; all of the  X’s  were written by the same person.]

“Plenary authority over the tribal relations of the Indians has been exercised by Congress from the beginning, and the power has always been deemed a political one, not subject to be controlled by the judicial department of the government...

“The power exists to abrogate the provisions of an Indian Treaty, though presumably such power will be exercised only when circumstances arise which will not only justify the government in disregarding the stipulations of the treaty, but may demand, in the interest of the country and the Indians themselves, that it should do so.

“The courts, therefore, were unable to scrutinize the background of the legislation; whether there was fraud in obtaining signatures was irrelevant because the decision as to how the nation would deal with the Indians was a political one, left to the political branches of the government, the trustees of the Indian wards.” [emphasis mine]

The Indian Treaties were not made under International Law; they were not made with the Aboriginal Indigenous Nations which held and still hold Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty under International Law.  The Indian Treaties were made between U.S. Government Officials, White Indian Traders, and their own bastard sons who they refused to legitimize or support.  The Indian Treaties were not made with Sovereign Aboriginal Indigenous people; this is why they can be abrogated by the United States Congress, internally, in a purely political process.

Fathering mixed blood children—and then refusing to recognize their legitimacy—was an Indo-European colonial strategy of genetic and social engineering all over the world.  Here, the first group of these children were fathered by the Voyageurs, who were mostly French Moors.  In South Africa, the Portuguese Moors, who were blood brothers of the French Moorish Voyageurs, did the same kind of colonial rape and pillage that was done to them by Moors who occupied Southern Europe until 1492.  In his 1972 book, South Africa, Jim Hoagland writes,

“The assumption is that the mesticos [half-breeds and mixed-bloods] will identify completely with Portuguese interests and help promote them.  The rewards the mulattos receive in the way of jobs and social mobility in the process will show that color is not a bar ... Such theories have promoted miscegenation, once a matter of carnal convenience, into official policy, encouraged by the government and praised as patriotic.  Officers have encouraged their soldiers to do their duty to Portugal by leaving at least six mestico children behind when they finish their tours in Angola.”

The Sovereignty of both the French Moors and the Portuguese Moors is held by the Holy Roman Empire—Catholicism.

In spite of the promises, the genetically-engineered mixed-bloods—here and in South Africa—are not given human dignity (African-Americans are looking in the wrong place for equality; they would get farther if they went after human dignity and democratic parity.)  People of “Indian” identity are not under the protection of the Justice Department of the United States, and are defined by the U.S.A. as not being eligible for human rights or civil rights, or even the Bill of Rights.  In the apartheid Federal Code of the Red Lake Chip-away Tribal Council, for example Section 600.193,

“No person or Indian shall operate or drive any motor vehicle ... unless such person or Indian ...”

The racist White people who wrote this so-called “Tribal Code” (rubber stamped “adopted” by the Red Lake Chip-away Council on September 11, 1990) obviously do not consider Indians to be persons or human beings.  (The Red Lake Chip-away Tribal Council apparently can’t read.)

Under the Colonial Indian Reservation system, de-humanizing begins with the covert curriculum of the Red Lake Schools.  One of the facets of the Red Lake Factors is to give the Anishinabe Ojibway children, as well as the children trapped in an Indian identity, low self-esteem.  Janet Lee Sullivan measured our children’s low self-esteem at Red Lake for her 1979 Masters Thesis, “Perceptions of Students’ Self and Ideal Self by [White] Teachers and Students at the Red Lake Indian Reservation.”  In her thesis, she also quotes self-proclaimed “expert” Charles Brill, “a white man who spent more than a decade in contact with Red Lake Indians, [and who] summed up his acquired knowledge as follows: ‘In time I came to understand it comes down to a question of priorities.  What is of the greatest importance to the white man may simply not fall within the Red Laker’s range of values and interests, and he will ignore it.’”

The Indo-Europeans have been telling the Anishinabe Ojibway that “this is the land of the free,” and “you should be democratic like us.”  They have tried to destroy everything the Aboriginal Indigenous People had in order to “give us Democracy.”  Forked-tongue speaking using crooked English: the system that they have set up for us is a racist dictatorship under Indo-European “International” Laws of Occupation.  The world should know that this hypocrisy is called “Democracy.”  An example is the Red Lake Fishery.  This is the first time in the history of the Fishery that the fishermen got paid a living wage, and the fisherman want to keep their livelihood in a democratic way.  The manager for the last year has done a good job, and most of the fishermen want to keep him on, using democracy.  If we are to go from a White bureaucratic dictatorship here, to a real democracy of the Red Lake people, there must be an audit of the Fishery for all of the years prior to Mr. King’s management.  There also needs to a complete audit, for all years, of the Red Lake Mills.  There needs to be a complete audit since the beginning: of the Bingo, of the Red Lake Tribal Council, of the Indian Health Service, Red Lake Housing Authority, Red Lake Builders, the U.S. Government Red Lake Courts and the “Tribal Courts.”  The Red Lake Forestry and stumpage (United States Department of Agriculture) and the Red Lake Real Estate (what about Pine Island and the Northwest Angle?) Both must be audited for all years that they have been in existence, if we are to have a democratic process here at Red Lake.

Indians and other non-existent minorities have always been given a racist, paternalistic society by the Whites.  When you ask these self-important bureaucrats “what time is it,” they say, “that’s confidential, that’s private, that’s internal information,” it’s interpreted in a covert way, “mum’s the word.”  If an organization is honest, they don’t need to keep secrets, and they don’t need to be afraid of an audit.

Other reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: everybody’s getting ready to celebrate 1492.  Columbus mis-named the Aboriginal Indigenous People here “Indians,” because he planned to lie to Queen Isabella and say he’d been to India.  Calling Aboriginal Indigenous People “Indians” is like naming your pet dog.  Take back your own Aboriginal Indigenous identity!  The Anishinabe Ojibway people have absolutely no reason to support Columbus’ lie, nor any other White man’s lies.  Celebrate 1992 by reclaiming your own identity and disowning the White man’s racist and derogatory “Indian” identity.

Somebody gave me a Treaty pen, one of the ones used in the 1863 Treaty-making.  I was going to use it to write about the Treaties, but, it would only make X’s, forgeries at that.

Francis Blake, Jr.

  October 2, 1863 treaty x-marks

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