Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

June 19, 1991

Medallions and flags were used by both the British and the British-American governments to create Government Indian Chiefs.  Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ Chiefs were appointed by consensus of the Clan Mothers and Elders.  Medallion Chiefs were appointed by the French and then replaced by the British on both sides of the 48th Parallel.  When the U.S. and Britain created Medallion Chiefs, they created an European colonial government, which they called “Tribal Government,” but which had the Sovereignty being held by the Church of England or the Pope.  Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty and Traditional Government were entirely different than what was created by the European migratory people.  Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty is held jointly by every Aboriginal Indigenous member of the Clans.  Under this Traditional Theocracy, we could not, and still cannot, sell land.

In order to steal this continent, the Indo-Europeans made Medallion Chiefs and have been re-inventing their own version of “Indian Tribal Governments” ever since.  They called the last one they invented here in Red Lake the “Red Lake Band of Chip-away Indians”—which means that they were created to steal all of the land and resources still belonging to the Anishinabe Ojibway here.  The Indo-Europeans had to create “Indians” for their “Indian Tribal Governments,”  and these “Indians” do not have a Clan or a Dodem.  These invented [Indo-European] “Indian tribal governments” claim to be Sovereign —it’s true, they are Sovereign, but they are using White European Sovereignty.  When they issued Passports in Red Lake, they were using White Sovereignty to keep out other White people who have just as much White Sovereignty as they do.  The artificially created Chip-away Tribal Governments were based on Medallion Chiefs, who did not have Aboriginal Indigenous Sovereignty; they were not of the Aboriginal Indigenous religion, and almost all of them were either full-blooded Indo-Europeans or mixed-bloods without a Clan or a Dodem.  In Mission School, they told us every day that “Indians are the vanishing American.”  Those nuns were speaking the truth for once; without a Clan or Dodem, with an Indo-European father, these “Indians” are the “vanishing Americans.”  Since the plan was first formed, the agenda has been to “vanish” these Indians into the melting pot as soon as they’ve filled their purpose of “selling” all the land.

The Medallion Chiefs were known to high-level bureaucrats and back-room men in Washington, D.C. as “real estate salesmen.”  The medallions and flags were used to give these Government Chiefs status, and anyone carrying one of these Chiefs’ Medallions was “recognized” by the Indo-European Governments, by the Clergy, by lumber barons and land speculators, and by Euro-Indian Traders.  The Medallions were a railroad pass, and a credit card for hotels, saloons, and trading posts.  Medallion Chiefs were given these credit cards, but their bills were paid out of the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land that they sold.  This was the “Old Indian” identity.

Now, there is a “New Indian.”  Instead of Medallion Chiefs, they are called “Tribal Councils” and “R.B.C.’s;” but they are still real estate agents, and are still charging up bills and running a tab against Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.  They still go on junkets.  When you ask one of these New Indians about the meeting they just went to, they say “well, our dinner cost us a hundred dollars apiece.”  When you ask again, “What about the meeting,” they say, “well, our hotel room cost a hundred and fifty dollars a night.”  And, you still ask, “how was the meeting,” and they say, “well, we went down to the gaming room and dropped a couple ‘thou’.”  For Medallion Chiefs, the more things change, the more they remain the same.  They are still White man’s Government Chiefs even if they are called “Tribal Council Officers and Reps.”

There was recently a court case in Baudette, between the Chip-away Indian Tribal Chairman and the State of Minnesota.  The Chairman of the Chip-away Tribal Council said that he didn’t want to order the Baudette people off the land, he just wanted a “settlement,” which means land sale.  The judge closed the case on the basis of some 1938 Minnesota Statute, because he didn’t want to get into the details of a crooked Treaty, the insider-trading railroad land-grabs, or the 1889 Crooked Agreement.

Up to this point, it has not cost the United States Government anything to run “Indians.”  As a matter of fact they’ve made a lucrative windfall profit.  But, the Red Lake School Board showed their hand.  By going into debt against Anishinabe Ojibway land, which does not belong to the Indians, they showed that the United States Government is just about through with their agenda, and has bankrupted the Aboriginal Indigenous people of Red Lake and the Anishinabe Ojibway Nation—at least according to their own crooked laws.  Bankrupting Aboriginal Indigenous People—stealing everything—was the original goal.

Not all Indians are Medallion Indians.  Indo-European hierarchial thinking requires a class structure; they cannot have anything except for superior-inferior relationships.  Their languages make it impossible to have an egalitarian society.  (Aboriginal Indigenous people are automatically labelled as “backwards” and “inferior” so they can be destroyed without qualms of conscience.)  The Indo-Europeans created at least three social classes of “Indians,” and tried to force Aboriginal Indigenous people into the “lowest” one.  At the top of this artificial hierarchy are the Medallion Indians, who are coddled and pampered—as long as they are still useful to the White elite.  Then, there are the show-and-tell, hang-around-the-fort Indians, “everything’s fine in Indian Country” Indians, tokens for Indo-Europeans to hide the destruction of Aboriginal Indigenous culture and Peoples.  These mostly White, blood-quantum Indians are kept in public view.  They get Indian scholarships, Indian-preference jobs and Indian Government houses.  Many of them could easily disappear into the White melting pot, so they are bribed with a comfortable living and artificial status to personify a myth and stay “Indian,” paid for by Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources.  But then, many Indians, particularly those people who visibly have Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors, are kept impoverished, manipulated by rumors of “Indian Payment,” conned by this carrot on a stick, this illusion of escape from grinding poverty, strung along by a false promise into staying Indian.  They are caught in a projective identity, “tracked” by compulsory education, derailed into the prison system, misguided into the dead-end of being Indo-European blame-the-victim scapegoats.  They are kept powerless, unemployed, and visible only as a negative stereotype.  Many Aboriginal Indigenous people have also been forced into this self-destructive Indian identity.  If you’re Anishinabe Ojibway, or any other Aboriginal Indigenous person, you don’t have to get caught in this racist Indian identity.  You can go back and get your real identity.  You can be who you are—you don’t have to be stereotyped and labelled by these racist foreigners.

Indo-Europeans have used labels and stereotypes to give diverse peoples new identities under their control for centuries. This is to steal land, resources, and anything else.  They are also doing it to the Arabs.

An Anthropology Professor at Bemidji State University recently said that “Indians are the anus of humanity.”  A lot of people got upset about this, but as Indians they couldn’t take the Professor to court and sue him for defamation.  Since White people invented the “Indian” identity, it belongs to them and so they can say whatever they want about Indians.  People who have been brainwashed into the Indian identity and projections of the White man aren’t allowed to define an identity they don’t own. 

“Indians” are a politically-motivated invention, and according to Congressional documents the Justice Department cannot hand out justice to Indian people, who do not exist except as political hockey-pucks.  “Indians” are make-believe, along with Snow White and Mickey Mouse (c), a White man’s Fantasy-Land.  The land, the resources, and the Aboriginal Indigenous People are the only ones that are based on reality, not part of this nightmare fantasy.  Maybe the way out of this mess, is for Aboriginal Indigenous People to copyright “Indians (c)” under International Law, and use it as a Registered Trademark.  But, then again, the White Man invented Indians, and we might be infringing on his patent.

Treaty issues have been orchestrated recently in Wisconsin and in White Earth.  The White man owns the Indians and he has always owned both sides of the Chip-away Indian Treaty-making process.  The Indo-Europeans want to abrogate the Chip-away Indian Treaties that they invented, because they know that they are a shell game, and they are still trying to steal the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land and resources by using “their Indians”  to close the books.  The Chip-away Indian Treaties are frauds; they were not made with the Anishinabe Ojibway Nations.  International issues are not settled in District Court, or with a low-ranking Official Bureaucrat.  Sending Chip-away Indian Treaties to lower court in the first place, “Chip-away Indians get half, Whites get half”  (but what about the Aboriginal Indigenous People that the land and resources really belong to)  makes it very clear that the Anglos knew that these Treaties were a fraud from the very beginning.  Treaties made with Indians are in violation of the U.S. Constitution.  The Treaties are a Tar-Baby.  The Englishmen are so clever that they just created another Tar-Baby in Iraq; the Queen celebrated by knighting Stormin’ Norman just a couple of years after she knighted President Reagan.

Other reflections from Anishinabe Ojibway Country: after many years of Cold War, Democracy and Communism are finally getting together.  They could simplify politics, and just call it “Comm-mocracy,” or, if Decmocracy has to be first, then they could call it “Demo-nism.”

Francis Blake, Jr.

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