Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

June 5, 1991

June 5, 1991

There have been “Indians” all over the newspapers lately.  William Safire of the New York Times wrote an editorial reprinted in Saturday’s Minneapolis Star-Tribune about gambling on Indian Reservations.  The next day, the “Trib” featured an editorial by Charles Krauthammer of the Washington Post about revisionist history.  The Mass Media is focussing on the Indo-Europeans’ mythological “Indian.”

The Indian Identity is a misnomer, as Safire points out, “I was born here, which makes me a native American; if American Indians want to abandon a fine [sic] if mistaken appellation, they could accurately chose ‘Aboriginal Americans.’”  Safire is on the right track, but he hasn’t gotten out of the Crooked English box yet—“American” is another “mistaken appellation.”  Some Aboriginal Indigenous People who got caught in the compulsory mis-education of Government—and mission—schools got brainwashed into believing they were “Indians.”  Some Indo-Europeans,  including White people, also got stuck in this “Indian” identity.

“Indians” were created because the Aboriginal Indigenous People of the Traditional Aboriginal Religions could not sell Mother Earth.  We still cannot sell.  The “Indians” and the Indo-Europeans stole the customs, they stole the language, they stole the land, they stole the names, and they stole the religion which belong to the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  But, they did not steal the value system of the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  If they had stolen everything, including our Traditional values, then the Indo-Europeans wouldn’t have had any use for the “Indians” they created.  If they had stolen our value system, then they wouldn’t have been able to sell Aboriginal Peoples’ land.  From the Aboriginal Indigenous perspective, there is no difference between Indian values and Indo-European values. 

For many years, I have been studying the history of Red Lake, and have been working on a genealogy of the people enrolled by the United States Government as “Chippewa Indians” in Red Lake, White Earth, and Leech Lake.  Most of the people enrolled in Northern Minnesota as Chippewa Indians do not have any Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors.  The 1934 Indian Reorganization Act’s “closing the rolls” clause is an example of how Indo-Europeans became Indians, but it is not the first precedent.  The Treaties that Indians base their claims to “Indian Rights” on are also fraudulent—as far as I know, there was never a Treaty with the United States which was signed by an Aboriginal Indigenous person.  They were all signed by Indians (Indo-Europeans) who were already citizens of the United States.  Some of these Indians were returning draftees, veterans of the Union Army in the Civil War.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs should be re-named, and called the Bureau of Indo-European Indian Affairs.

I have also been studying Indo-European culture, history, and language.  As any self-honest linguist can tell you, the Indo-Europeans’ languages are the root of their racism.  (Racism is a “black-and-white” issue.)  Their languages mold how they look at the world.  The violence of Keynes, Machiavelli, Marx, and Darwin—whose minds were short-circuited by Crooked Indo-European languages—is an example of how these languages are put together.  Deforestation, lethal pollution, wars, overpopulation ... it’s a nearly endless list ... also reflect Indo-European linguistic structure.

These Indo-European ways of thinking are totally the opposite of the Anishinabe Ojibway—We, the People’s.  Maybe that’s why they called us “backwards people.”  It continues to be a projection, just like “savage” (look up the derivation in the dictionary).  Another projection was calling us “warlike.”  We were the original Peaceful Conscientious Objectors; we lived in harmony with each other and with the environment.  The “Indian Wars” in the history books were wars between Indo-Europeans; or wars between half-breeds fighting at the command of their father’s Nations, over who could steal the most.  The “French and Indian” wars are an example: the “Indians” involved in this were mixed-blood French people whose sovereignty was held by France.

Genetic engineering, creating mixed-blood people as a part of the colonizing process is an Indo-European colonial strategy.  It was done to them just before Columbus discovered he was lost, by the Moors in Southern Europe.

Another part of Indo-European culture is pathological lying.  According to a survey printed in the May 16 Star Tribune, “91 percent of Americans say they lie regularly.”  The other nine percent were telling the truth, but they were lying—because English is a Crooked, linear language.  When you look at it from outside, from an Aboriginal Indigenous culture, you can see it.  That’s why the Aboriginals always said “forked tongue speaking.”  Even if the forked-tongue person they were talking about thought they were telling the truth, they were still lying.  It’s extremely difficult to tell the truth if Indo-European languages are your only languages.  Go ask your Congressman or Senator, he keeps getting re-elected.

Other Anishinabe Ojibway reflections and perspectives: What about the Red Lake School?  There’s a $2,500,000.00 deficit.  “Interest-free” loans were being given out by certain members of the School Board, to themselves and to their relatives.  But, there is 25% interest on that two and a half million dollar deficit that financed the loans.  “Indians” who have no ties to this Aboriginal Indigenous land, apparently used the Anishinabe Ojibway People’s land as collateral.  This land does not, and has never, belonged to “Indians.”   The School Board had a Poster Child in the school referendum, an emotional appeal for votes approving a ten million dollar loan (in part to cover up the deficit).  Where is that little Poster Child going to live, if the land that the Aboriginal Indigenous people have let others live on is hocked by people it doesn’t belong to?  The Referendum was a move by the State of Minnesota toward land taxes on Red Lake Reservation.  Anybody who doesn’t know what land taxes do, should talk to somebody from White Earth or any of the other reservations that have been allotted out.  According to B.I.A. documents, their policy is that the land will be gone, and I repeat, GONE, by the third generation.  The B.I.A. is nothing more than a real estate agency and a resource broker—and they have a police force.  There are no Aboriginal Indigenous people on that police force, and never have been, only “Indians.”

Wake up, Anishinabe Ojibway People of Red Lake!  We are the last ones in the United States who still have our land.

Francis Blake, Jr.

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