Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

May 5, 1991

Hate groups and racism were written about in the April 28 issue of Parade, distributed by the Duluth News-Tribune.  Racism has been promoted, hidden, and addressed all over the country.  The hate groups that promote racism have as role models groups controlled by the United States Government.  The Bureau of Indian Affairs is a role model for hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

The United States Government has actively promoted hate against both “Indians” and Aboriginal Indigenous People since the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  The “merciless Savages” are Indo-European projections of themselves—for example the racist, merciless savage bombing of Iraq and Viet Nam (using Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ stolen resources to do it).  Another example is racist social and genetic engineering, used to create, on the Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ Continents, societies which reflect the which reflect the values of the Indo-European People.

Compulsory school education is social engineering.  Throughout the 1800’s, the Bureau of Indian Affairs openly said that compulsory school education was necessary to destroy Aboriginal Indigenous culture, and “civilize” us.  When Indo-European education was first brought into Aboriginal Indigenous communities, the few of our children who (voluntarily) were in school caught on quickly, understanding Indo-European culture and learning to read and write.  It would never work to have Aboriginal Indigenous People, and even Indians, able to read and write the crooked English of the fraudulent Treaties.  At Red Lake, no Anishinabe Ojibway People from here signed the Treaty; only European-created “Indians” signed it; it was not “Indian land” they were signing to sell.  People of the Midewiwin (the Aboriginal Indigenous religion) cannot sell land.  The Indo-European knew this; that’s why he created Indians to “sell” him this Continent.

Governor Ramsey of Minnesota foresaw the problems that Anishinabe Ojibway People who were literate in English would create in his plans of Empire-building.  In 1852, Ramsey issued an executive order abolishing the literary and religious schools, and replaced them with manual training schools and the “manual-labor system.”  This executive order helped create the many facets of the Red Lake Factor, which need to be addressed and talked about.  If this order had ever been rescinded, White teachers wouldn’t be teaching a second-rate, low class curriculum in Red Lake; instead our children would be learning Political Science, Physics, Chemistry and the Philosophy of Linear Thinking and Crooked English from Aboriginal Indigenous teachers.  But, they are taught about a “Chippewa Indian” culture which is a caricature and a parody of the Aboriginal Indigenous culture.  If they make it through twelve years of school, they end up with a shoddy, low-class eighth-grade education, and are taught by White teachers with a colonial mentality who don’t live here.  These “teachers” commute into the concentration camp called a “reservation” to teach our children hostility, anger directed at themselves, and low self-esteem.  Governor Ramsey’s order, and the Red Lake Factor, need to be abolished.

One of the Red Lake Factors is that the school superintendent (and the State of Minnesota which supervises him—colonialism) have all of the power over the school policy and administration.  The school board (which is elected) is a rubber-stamp, and has no authority at all.

Another facet of the Red Lake Factor is the 1934 I.R.A. Chippewa Indian “Tribal Council.”  Indo-Europeans have been made into “Indians” to replace the Aboriginal Indigenous People.  The racist White Supremacist Bureau of Indian Affairs has programs for the Indians.  The White B.I.A. bureaucrats take the laws written by the Indo-European U.S. Congress, interpret them with hate-group thinking, and use them to change the identity of the Aboriginal Indigenous People and make them into Indians.  The only programs that the Bureau of Indian Affairs has for the Aboriginal Indigenous People are compulsory school education, the jails and the courts, and adoption and “foster care” to take Aboriginal Indigenous children out of our community.  These are all social engineering coming out of a hate-group; the Geneva Convention calls this genocide.

Under International Law, the B.I.A. really has no jurisdiction over Aboriginal Indigenous People; we are still Sovereign.  This is Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ land.  This is not Indian land.  The Indians, who were created by the Indo-Europeans, are not Sovereign.  The Indian Sovereignty that is used to issue passports, etc., is Indo-European Sovereignty, created under Roman and English law.  Title 25 of the U.S. Code—so-called “Indian Law” is named in Crooked English and came out of English and other Indo-European law.

If a person has a White grandfather or a White father, they automatically become an “Indian,” and their Sovereignty is held by the Indo-Europeans—as planned.  The Indian Scouts who were conscripted to lead the Cavalry against their mother’s People had lost their Sovereignty through the Indo-European colonization strategy of White men creating mixed-blood children.  This genetic engineering has been used by Indo-Europeans all over the world; against themselves in shifting their class system and national boundaries; against other empires such as the Chinese; and against Aboriginal Indigenous People on every continent.  The Aboriginal Indigenous Peoples’ Clan system is Patrilineal: a person gets their Clan and their Dodem from their father.  When an Aboriginal woman marries a White man, she loses her Clan, and her children are Metis whose Sovereignty is held by the Indo-Europeans.  That’s why the racist hate group, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, is so anxious to change Aboriginal Indigenous People into Indians.  Read Title 25—the Lawyer’s edition with the annotations.  According to United States Statutes, the person who holds “Indian Sovereignty” is the Secretary of the Interior—he is “cloaked with” it.

This is another facet of the Red Lake Factor, written in Crooked English in Title 25 and other U.S. Statutes, Executive Orders, Court Decisions, Papal Bulls, and other racist hate and colonial legislation.  (Colonialism is created by a hate group—the people who create and benefit from colonies are a role model for the K.K.K., the Nazis and other racist hate groups.)

Indo-European society depends on a hierarchy.  Social hierarchy means that some people steal the Sovereignty and resources of everybody else below them on this artificial ranking system.  For the people at the top, it is anarchy—there are no laws to govern them and they are not accountable for the terrible crimes that they commit.  Racism, and other types of discrimination, are necessary to keep this hierarchy going.  The racism on the lower levels, for example Stop Treaty Abuse, the Skinheads, the Aryans, etc. all come out of this racist Indo-European hierarchy, under orders from the people at the top.  Racism is a necessary part of this system, and it’s here to stay.  Johnny can’t read or write because the people at the top don’t want Johnny to understand this crooked system, nor be able to defend himself against it.  This is only part of the many facets of the racist Red Lake Factor.


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