Reflections from the Ah­nish­i­nah­bæójib­way (We, the People)

April 17, 1991

Since 1958, when the Indo-European Indians brought the United States Government 1934 Indian Reorganization Act onto Anishinabe Ojibway Country at Red Lake, our Anishinabe Ojibway forests have been decimated by the U.S. Government's Indians. Our entire permaculture that we kept intact and beautiful for hundreds of thousands of years has been destroyed by 33 years of steady clear-cutting since the I.R.A. was brought in. The Indians have gotten jobs and money from the demolition of resources which do not belong to them; the Aboriginal Indigenous people have not benefited at all. What were beautiful forests with plentiful game fifty years ago, now look like a war zone. European Indians who have a desert-and-camel mentality have destroyed the entire forest. In the clear-cutting, what do we expect to give our children? In a clear-cut Ojibway land, our children and grandchildren have nothing to look forward to; we the Anishinabe Ojibway have nothing to give to them.

The complaints by the Anishinabe Ojibway about the clear-cutting and the genocide has been an unheard voice in Washington, D.C. where the decisions are made. Environmental destruction and genocide are on the agenda of Indo-Europeans all over the world.

There are two distinct sets of people here on this land. Indians were brought in by the U.S. to replace the Aboriginal Indigenous people who were killed in the genocide. Indians are Indo-European people; they are Whites with some Moorish ancestry who are kept out of W.A.S.P. society because of racism and competing theocratic empires. At the Lake Mohonk Conference, the Protestant Christian Clergy decided that these Catholic Moors should not become a part of the mainstream, so they made them into "Indians" and "Squaw men," and the Indian Reservations became dumping grounds for the W.A.S.P.'s castoffs and misfits. The "melting pot" is really social and genetic engineering, because only certain people get into the "kettle" of the American Mainstream.

Some Moorish people were involuntarily "made into Indians." After it became obvious that there was money to be made from the theft of Indigenous peoples' lands, some Indo-Europeans bought their way onto the "tribal rolls." Some were "adopted" by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. These Indo-Europeans who were adopted or "enrolled" into the European-made Indian Tribes and Indian Bands—the descendents of these people are the people who are adopting and fostering out the Aboriginal Indigenous people of the Anishinabe Ojibway Clans under the Indian Child Welfare Act. The Anishinabe Ojibway children are NOT Indians.

The "mixed-blood" Moors who are clear-cutting Aboriginal Indigenous peoples' forests are descendents of Arabs and North Africans, who got into Southern Europe under Moorish conquest. The Spanish Moors and the Portuguese Moors are presently in Brazil, clear-cutting the Aboriginal Indigenous people's rain forest in the Amazon Basin. The French Moors are presently in the Northwoods, clear-cutting the Aboriginal Indigenous people's forests right here. The desert mentality is in their blood; their ancestors who clear-cut the Sahara Forest and made it into the Sahara Desert. And now they are over here, making our forests into deserts. It seems like they won't be happy until they create another desert. It looks like they want sand dunes and camels in the former Northwoods. If they want desert, why don't they go back to the Sahara where they came from?

There have been several moves to abolish the Bureau of Indian Affairs because of corruption. In investigating the corruption and graft of the B.I.A—which has been part of the Bureau since it's inception—they might as well also investigate who is "Indian." It seems like anybody can become an Indian. In researching the genealogy in Red Lake, and the history of these two continents, I fail to find any Indians or "Chippewas" here or anyplace else (except maybe in Indian) until the White man created their identity as he pillaged and plundered across our Continent. There aren't any Indians in the Aboriginal Indigenous peoples' Traditional genealogy, nor in the Traditional Oral history. The Indians first show up in the Indo-Europeans' records as they came with the White man. Everybody remembers the Boston Tea Party, where Whites dressed up as Indians. Go and research it, you will find the same thing that I am writing about. When I ask the Bureau of Indian Affairs for some of their genealogical records, they say "it is confidential, and nobody can see it." I can understand why they want it to be confidential. In White Earth and in Red Lake, in doing the genealogy and the background of these people, we find most of the "Federally Recognized Indians" are Indo-European, and have no Aboriginal Indigenous ancestors at all. With one stroke of the pen, anybody can become an "Indian," that's why the Indian population is increasing far faster than the Indian birthrate. When the U.S. no longer needs Indians, "one stroke of the pen" and historians will say, "Indians never existed" (and be speaking the truth for once). But, there are still Aboriginal Indigenous people here, neither created nor destroyed by Indo-Europeans' pens; we are not Indians.

While we are writing about the desert, the dust hasn't settled from Desert Storm yet, either. The Oil Baron might have defeated the Oil Sheik, but wait until the dust from the Desert Storm settles on the Petro-gon. The bombing runs "under U.N. sanctions" created two thousand years of hatred, and covering up the destruction done by United States/British bombs by inciting a civil war (just as was done in Viet Nam) won't obliterate the memories of Arabic human beings who were under the bombs.

If you are into Machiavellian European thought, into the sadistic-masochistic infrastructure of hierarchical societies, thirty-two nations ganging up on one third-world nation under the banner of a World organization supposed to promote Peace, maybe you enjoy the S & M. On a lower level of the very same hierarchy, where were 21 Los Angeles Police brutalizing and dog-piling one Black man. This is not "police brutality," these are Indo-European Terrorist acts in the context of the violence that they need to govern. Around the world everything is unstable, and in chaos, and full of hatred. That's the only way the Englishmen and other Indo-Europeans can govern; they have to create instability and factions. Their past history proves it; they have used the same pattern for five thousand years. If that isn't an S & M mentality, I don't know what is. If you're into S & M and enjoy it, that's your problem. But you can't keep on beating people up, and expect them to love you. There is an alternative to this hierarchical violence; there has to be a different real peace around the world. There has to be a different definition of "Civilization." War-Peace the Indo-European way is a clever short-term scheme, an endless cycle of violence because their "peace" comes only at a high and enslaving price that can't be paid. Indo-European "peace" only leads to continual war, violence only creates more violence.

War is a very childish mentality and it is used to steal form other people. It was designed by people who had already destroyed their own resources, to steal from other Peoples who took care of what they were given by the Great Creator.


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